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Poll: wine glass identifiers 🍷 made from scraps

You know it, otherwise you will learn it: I always try to use my fabric scraps, because it hurts my heart 💔 to throw away beautiful pieces, even small ones.

Here is my latest idea: wine glass identifications 🍷 for holiday parties. That way, Matante Germaine won't drink from Mononc' Gaston's glass anymore! 🤪 They would be offered in packs of several different patterns, so that everyone has their own.

1️⃣ First question: do you like the idea? 🤔

2️⃣ Second question: in packs of how many do you think it would be ideal to sell them? 4? 6? 8? More?

Share your answers in the comments!! 👇

1 thought on “Sondage : identifiants de verre à vin 🍷 faits de retailles

  1. GREAT idea in pack of 4

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