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5 great eco-friendly gift ideas for the person who has everything

We all have in our entourage a person who is difficult to satisfy, because he already has everything! It is all the more difficult if it tries to reduce its ecological footprint. Here are 5 ideas to surprise her, while respecting her values.

1. REUSABLE BREAD BAG by Taille & Retailles

Perfect for homemade bread or to go shopping at the local bakery without taking disposable packaging, this reusable bread bag will quickly become the favorite of the person who receives it! Its seal is between the paper bag and the disposable plastic bag, and it is easily machine washable. Offered in 2 sizes and a variety of fabrics, you can be sure to find the perfect match for the pickiest!


2. CAR GARBAGE by The Aunts

Who says “person who has everything” says “car”, and who says “car”, says waste, especially if you are traveling with your family! Made of leatherette and PUL, these bins are completely waterproof and they hang in different ways.

From 20$ to 35$


Even the person who has everything has to eat, and who doesn't like biscuits? Take inspiration from Ricardo Cuisine and make your cookie jar in a mason jar, then use your creativity and recycled materials to decorate it.

Success guaranteed!

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4. UTENSILS POUCH by Craft the 4 leaf clover

When you need to be original, this multipurpose pouch is perfect! Made of a double layer of waterproof fabric, it allows you to transport utensils without damage. It saves you from using a plastic bag to put your toothbrush, a set of washable straws and even an Epipen injector.



The person who has everything does not expect to receive such classy and original gift packaging. She can then use it for another gift that will wow or to carry her belongings in style. This furoshiki (original traditional Japanese packaging) will be perfect for wrapping a gift, books or bentō (meal to take away). It will get people talking every time!

From 8$ to 16$

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