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It starts today! 🤩 Did you make your basket in advance? Don't forget to complete the transaction now! 😉

Promo reminder: for the next 4 days, when you shop on my store, you will receive a 10$ gift card for every 50$ of purchase (before taxes and delivery). So 50$ = 10$ as a bonus, 100$ = 20$ as a bonus, 150$ = 30$ as a bonus, etc! 😮 The creation of the cards is not automatic, so don't panic if you don't receive it immediately: I will create them on Tuesday and send them by email, I promise. #jenesuispasunemachine #onewomanshow 😅

You can then decide to attach the gift card to your present, or keep it to treat yourself later! On request, I can also split the amount into several cards.

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