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The Taille & Retailles Facebook page is moving!

To make a short story 📖: I've had a bug with my Business Manager for my professional page for almost 2 years. I have restrictions on several marketing tools (Facebook pixel, audiences for ads, etc.) that Facebook customer service cannot explain to me or correct.

I have contacted them dozens of times over the past few years. Nobody can fix this, except for a certain "internal team" in charge of security issues who are impossible to contact, either by me, or even by Facebook customer service... 🙄#equipphantom #bigcorp

In short, the only solution I have found to solve this problem is to start a new pro page, with a new Business Manager without restriction. 🤷 I'm taking advantage of the quieter time of year to set this up. So I invite you now to follow the new page: @tailleetretails then unsubscribe from the page @size.retails if you want to continue seeing posts after the transition.

For the next month, I will reshare the content of the new page on the old one, then I will archive the old page to use only the new one. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your support for this transition! Don't hesitate to share the new page with your loved ones who love the environment! 💚

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