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📈 Price review in progress… 💸

👩‍💼 Among my ongoing reviews for the month of January, there is the revision of the costs of materials and other business expenses (you'd be surprised how many there are! 😱), which will lead me to an adjustment of my prices for 2022. Because if I want to live from my business, which I hope to achieve soon, you don't have to work at a loss, right? 😉

Like almost everywhere, inflation has driven up the price of the materials and services I use for my business. 📈 So you only have a few weeks left before I finish my calculations to take advantage of the 2021 prices. 😉

It's a good time to plan your purchases of Valentine's Day gifts ❤️, for the birthdays of the next few months 🎁, or even the items you didn't receive as a gift for Christmas and that you need. Visit the store now!

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