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The top 7 baccalaureate errors ❌

Because putting only what is recyclable in the bin gives the recyclable material the chance to be recycled more easily and efficiently. ♻️ Bonus if you eliminate these types of packaging or products from your purchases! 😉

The top 7 baccalaureate errors

1. Bags of crisps;
2. Wooden crates of clementines;
3. Worn diapers (!);
4. Long objects (garden hose, garlands);
5. Freestanding pockets (nuts)
6. Plastic packaging that does not stretch (e.g. frozen food packaging – fries, fruits vegetables, pasta wraps, candies)
7. Coffee pods (Psst! Only Nespresso pods are recyclable since they have been thought out in collaboration with sorting centers, not the others!)

Grégory pratte, tricentris – Les radieuses magazine

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