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Aerosols do not go to the recovery bin ♻️

Even if it's metal and it's a container. 🚫 Even if it was just whipped cream. 🚫 Even if you emptied it well. 🚫 Because it's under pressure, so at risk of exploding 🧨 or catching fire 🔥, either in the transport truck or at the sorting centre. You wouldn't want to cause an accident, would you? 🙅

It must therefore be disposed of at the ecocentre or at a collection point for hazardous household waste. Or better yet, don't use any, when possible. Although I admit that I'm fond of whipped cream spray, it's so good on pancakes or waffles… #plaisircoupable

And you? Can you do without aerosols? Are you disposing of it safely?

Thank you Tricentris for this valuable information, once again

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