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“Selling online is really easy! 🤷 – Mr. Everybody

🤬 When I hear this kind of statement, my ears are always curling. Because it's really not that easy! We put a LOT of time and energy into it, and also a lot of money, before even knowing if we are going to sell for the trouble. 😖

You may have heard about it from other crafters you follow: Etsy just announced a fee increase. 💵 The commission on each sale will increase from 5 to 6.5% from April 11th. These fees are added to the listing fees of 0.20USD (+- 0.27CAD) for each product sold, or to the 4 months if the listing has not been sold, and to the 15% of external advertising if the sale comes from an Etsy advertisement on Google or other… And that's not including credit card transaction fees (3% for Etsy, which is equivalent to the majority of sales platforms: Square, Paypal, Stripe and others) .

🙅 Don't get me wrong: I consider it normal to pay for a service. Etsy is amazing for giving exposure to a fledgling business, or even breaking into foreign markets like the US. 🇺🇸 They offer a platform that requires no maintenance other than our own product sheets and shop, which is convenient for a majority of sellers. 👍

👉 On the other hand, it is important that the customer (you!) know that each time he buys a product on Etsy, from 10 to 25% of the amount paid before taxes does not return to the seller. This portion does not pay for its materials, creation time, business fees, or management time…

It is for this reason that several companies, like Taille & Retailles last year, decide to have their own website, when the fixed costs of a dedicated site become less expensive than the costs for each sale charged by the platforms. like Etsy. Since last year, I've only kept Etsy for the traffic and sales it brings me, and referred people who know me through my social media and in-person efforts to my own website. Because Etsy selling fees were starting to choke me… 😵‍💫

How can you help your favorite businesses survive with all those online selling fees?

  • Use their dedicated website to shop, when they have one.
  • Buy in person at the market.
  • Pay cash or debit card, rather than credit card.
  • Buy at one of the local outlets that distribute them. there are costs associated with this type of sale too, but less management for each sale, and the part that comes back to the point of sale stays here, rather than going abroad.
  • Talk about your favorite local businesses around you and direct your loved ones to their dedicated website when possible.
  • Like, comment and share their publications on social networks to boost their visibility, because there too, it's not easy.
  • Subscribe to their newsletter so they can reach you more easily than on social networks.
  • Leave a review on their Facebook page, website, Google or Etsy listing to indicate how happy you are with your purchase!
  • Answer Mr. Mrs. Everyone who speaks without knowing: consumer education is super important!

🤗 Thank you for your support for local businesses! ⚜️

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  1. I completely agree with your article. Thank you for sharing the situation of the artisans.
    Personally, I sell on Etsy and by word of mouth. People who do business with me directly, I make them a cheaper price than Etsy because I save costs.
    Good day!

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