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♻️ Do you know what to do with your used textiles?

Since the law prohibiting the use of used textiles for upholstery was repealed last fall, a few textile recycling projects are under development in Quebec. But it is not won yet, far from it. 😶

In the meantime, here is what you can do with your used textiles:

  • ⬇️ Reduce at source: Buy less, better quality, preferably local ⚜️
  • 🔄 reuse : Resell or give away fabrics in good condition that are no longer useful to you
  • ♻️ To recycle : Join a project in development to find new opportunities
  • 🤧 Valuing: Make rags, washable handkerchiefs, tawashis, reusable gift wrap, etc.
  • 🗑️ To throw : Unfortunately, the rest will end up in the landfill, like approximately 50% of textiles used in Quebec each year.

An interesting document to consult to continue your reflection, by Recyc-Québec (2018):

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