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My favorite animal? 😻

Without hesitation, cats! If my boyfriend was not allergic (and a bit of the litter to empty…), I would have at least 2-3! 😹

In the circumstances, I'm content with just one, which we chose with very short hair, to limit allergies (don't worry, I didn't twist an arm, it was he who initiated the adoption of Sashimi! 😸).

Our beautiful tabby was adopted from a shelter and has been living with us for almost 2 years. He'll probably have to follow my big daughter if she leaves the house, because he's been in love with her from the start! Lol! 😸

Before that, we had Tsumi, a gorgeous black cat who lived for almost 17 years. My boyfriend gave it to me for our 1 year anniversary, after making me swear in front of a witness that I was going to take care of the litter if he accepted that we adopt a cat. What I didn't know at the time was that he had already reserved the kitten with a work colleague! 😈

He still had to take care of the litter box during my 2 pregnancies (toxoplasmosis obliges)! Haha! 😆 Tsumi was a crawling motivation for my daughters when they were babies, it was so funny to watch them try to grab it! 😹

And my first love was Zéphyr 😻, another black cat, adopted when I was a teenager by my parents for my sister and me. He lived for twelve years.

And you? What is your favorite animal? Is your house a zoo?

PS Don't forget that to reduce your animal's ecological footprint, it is important to promote adoption in a shelter, and to have it sterilized! 😽

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