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Father's Day: Taille & Retailles products are also for him! 🙋🏻‍♂️

Although they represent 95% of my customers and my fans on social networks, women do not have exclusive use of my products. 🙃 This is why I also have more neutral and unisex fabrics in my collection.

To give dad a nice gift, whether it's for cooking 👨 🍳 or for his lunches 🍱, come take a look at the shop. By choosing the section "Shop by Fabric", you can go directly to the fabrics that he will like and see the products available.

Some are even on clearance, like the gray or blue checks, because I don't have many choices left in these fabrics. So you could spoil it at a better price, or add an additional product, depending on your budget! 🤑

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