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School ends in a few days… 🏫

Did you forget, or ran out of time to make a teacher or educator gift? 😳 I know, it happened to me almost every year. I was thinking about it from the beginning of June, but I always ended up finding something at the last minute… So I understand you very well. 🤗

That's why I offer you an easy and quick solution. Offer a Taille & Retailles gift card : beautiful, eco-friendly, practical, without the headache of knowing what she already has or doesn't have, what she likes or doesn't, sent immediately by email, in the amount of your choice! 👌 You can also choose to send it to yourself, and print the code to attach it to a handmade card by your child. 💌

Tadah! Fixed in the blink of an eye! 🧞‍♀️ You're welcome! 😉

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