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A mini bowl cover, what is it for? 🤔

Lots of stuff!! 😃 No need for disposable plastic to...

  • mashed potatoes or baby leftovers 👶
  • desserts or sauces in a ramekin 🍮
  • the cane of peas or syrup 🥫
  • the mash of kitty or pitou 🐱🐶
  • avoid flies and wasps in your liquor or outdoor beer 🍺🪰
  • You can even use it for half a lemon, orange or avocado! 🍋🍊🥑

Bonus: it's made with scraps from other formats, so doubly eco-friendly, since these beautiful pieces of fabric don't end up in the trash! 💚

If you have other useful ideas, share them with us in the comments.

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