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1️⃣ Only one bowl cover size to choose to try? Take the medium.

This is the most versatile size, in my opinion. So if you hesitate before equipping yourself for good, sometimes you wouldn't like… Choose the way.

But honestly, I have yet to meet anyone who has told me they tried but went back to plastic. 🙃 Bowl covers are really more user-friendly to use than other products, such as beeswax wraps. So give yourself the chance to try, you won't regret. 👍

👉 What can you cover with a medium bowl cover? Round or square containers 20 to 25 cm in diameter (8 to 10″). Take a tour of your kitchen, you will see that there are MANY that fall into this category!


  • 🍽️ A medium plate with leftovers
  • 🥣 A medium mixing bowl (cul-de-poule) and even some large ones
  • 🥗 A poke bowl ready to serve
  • 🥞 The rest of the pancakes
  • 🥗 A salad base in a bowl
  • 🍱 The rest of the shepherd’s pie from the day before in your 8″ square Corning Ware
  • 🍕 An individual pizza prepared in advance and frozen on its plate

And many more things! What do you use your medium bowl cover? Is it for you also the one you use the most?

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