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As-tu commencé tes provisions de petits fruits? 🫐

Savais-tu que tu peux congeler tes fruits et légumes de saison dans des sacs réutilisables, plutôt que dans du plastique jetable? 💚

Écologique, lavable et très efficace, le tissu PUL que j’utilises pour les sacs alimentaires ne craint pas le gel, et ne tache pas. Alors cueille tout ce que tu veux, et conserve-les pour la saison froide sans inquiétude. 🍓 Tu pourras ainsi manger local tout l’hiver! ⚜️

Alors? Que congèleras-tu dans tes sacs Taille & Retailles, cette année?

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Green camping challenge 🏕️

Do you want to make a special effort to reduce your waste during the holidays? If so, I offer you a zero waste challenge: stock up and bring as much bulk food as possible for your vacation. 🫙

From nuts to dish soap, pasta and vegetables, less packaging is better. And you don't have to buy a ton of containers for that. Use what you have on hand: from the relish pot to the yogurt pots, including the bag of milk. Take inspiration from our ancestors who reused everything. 👵👴

Are you game? Take up the challenge and share your successes, or even the lesser ones, with us to inspire others. 🥰

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Think green: choose local purchase ⚜️

Less quantity, more quality, less transport 🚢, and running the economy from here is a win-win! 🏆

Do you and your family wear a lot of clothes made here? 🏆 Me, I'm a complete fan of Nothing is lost, everything is created! Their clothes are practical for every day, beautiful and durable. In the end, we have better value for money with them than with “fast fashion”.

[email protected] your 100% Quebec clothing store in the comments, to help us discover them!

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Green camping: washable food bags are your allies. 🤝

We know that when camping, whether it's bike-camping or RVing, space is limited! So use washable food bags made of waterproof fabric.

Flexible and compact, it is easy to store them in any small corner of your luggage. 🧳

Since they wash up in dishwater and air dry quickly, they'll quickly be ready for their next mission. 🧼

Whether it's for raw vegetables, crisps or even wet swimsuits, they will be your allies for successful camping! ⛺

See the different formats available in the store.

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Are your net bags strong? 🤔 YES MADAME! 💪

The other day, I went to the local pet store to look for boxes of cat food. 😺 Because Sashimi is a big spoiled cat, he receives dry kibble AND wet food every day. Apparently it's better to avoid urinary problems in operated male cats... 🐈 So when I buy some, I don't just take one or two, just to maximize my travels. 🚗

Still, I realize, once at the checkout, that I forgot to take a bag in the car. 🛍️ Damn! 🤦 I normally always have compact bags in my satchel, but this time I only had one mesh bag left. Well, never mind, that's what I use to put my cat canes. 27 boxes. 🦣

My bag has not weakened. It stretched, but returned to its normal shape once the contents were emptied. The seams haven't come loose either. 🪡

Too strong, my mesh bag! 💪 So if you were afraid your little vegetables would break the bag, don't worry anymore. Loosen up and fill it up nicely. ✔️×14/

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Bring your toothbrush to camp ⛺ without any problems 🪥

Did you know that the elongated straw bags, available in 9″ or 11″ lengths, are perfect for storing a toothbrush and a sample tube of toothpaste? 🪥

Tsé, when you don't want to bother with a big toiletry bag... 🛍️ Like for example, for your child at summer camp, or at the campsite. 🏕️ There's even a label to write his name on, so he can find his bag if he forgets it in the toilet... 🧠 Because you know it's going to happen, don't you? 😆×9/ Where×11/

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💭 A touching thought is priceless!

Just because our gratitude 🤲 is infinite doesn't mean our budget is too. 💰 So to thank these golden teachers and educators, here are 2 sets at a low price filled with gratitude and practical everyday products.

For Madame Annie, who loves good food, what could be better than a cheese cover 🧀 and a small bowl cover 🍜? She can use them in her fridge, or even in her lunch. The “Thank you for everything” set also includes the personalized message of your choice. Add a beautiful drawing made by her student, and she will be thrilled! 😇

For Madame Geneviève, who takes all her meals at school, either for the sake of economy or ecology, I composed the set "A thought for you". It includes a mini bowl cover for his candy or nut jars, and a snack bag for his favorite raw vegetables. Add your personalized message and a homemade cupcake, and you'll be happy, guaranteed! 😃

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🏕️ Camping: THE ideal soap dish

Are you a fan of tent camping? ⛺ If so, you should definitely use the common showers of the campsite, which are, let’s say it… rustic!

❓ What do we want the least when we take our shower in a cabin?

➡️ May our soap fall to the ground! Ouch! 🤢

With your Baluchon soap dish to hang, you will be sure to avoid this! 🤩 Slip it on your wrist, or hang it on the shower head, and keep your soap clean. Awesome, right? 😍

When you're done showering, you can hang it on a branch or your camp clothesline to let it dry. Put mosquito repellent lemongrass soap in it, and you'll be equipped for memorable camping! A well-invested 15$, I guarantee it! ✨

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Summer fun for Madame Stéphanie 👩🏿 🏫 and Madame Émilie 👩🏼 🏫

We know that Madame Stéphanie has her heart on her hand 💝, and shares everything with her little friends from daycare. So make him happy by thinking of his big family: offer him the "Summer Pleasures" set, consisting of 4 covers Mr Freeze. She will now be able to enjoy frozen treats with her little ones, without hearing complaints about frozen hands 🥶, and without wasting paper towels. The sleeves are well insulated, and made of scraps, so even more eco-friendly! 💚

Have you heard of Madame Émilie's famous Vindredi 🍷 parties 🥳? So give him a favor, and give him something to celebrate, without sharing germs with his friends! 🦠 The “Vindredi Retailles” set consists of 6 assorted wine coaster slippers, and a decorative and utilitarian "wine cup" charm. Made from cutting scraps, these items will make her dream of Friday every day of the year, while protecting the planet! 🌎

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Not just for straws! 🥤

the 2×11″ extended bag also made for all kinds of elongated objects: fondue chopsticks 🫕, skewers 🍢, toothbrush 🪥, pencils 🖍️, utensils 🍴, and more!

What do you put in your elongated bags? Surprise me! 😊