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Green businesses wanted 🔍

After the success of last year's green gift guide, I decided to make a new edition, and I aim to make it even better. 📈

But before presenting the finished product to you, you have to design it! 😂

So I am currently recruiting companies with an ecological mission to appear in the guide. It's time to tag your Quebec green businesses to invite them to participate! 🔗

Would you like to participate with your business? It's here –>

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It's public and active transportation week! 🚌 🚲

Are you participating in the challenge without auto solo? It's super easy. Just download the app and track your moves to earn points. There is also a photo contest. 📷

Visit the website for all the details:

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September 16: World Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

We don't talk about it less than before, but the ozone layer plays an important role in regulating the temperature on the planet, and in protecting us from UV rays.

Did you know that the ozone layer preservation protocol was signed in Montreal 35 years ago? And that it is one of the most positive environmental agreements to date, since its respect has allowed the hole in the ozone layer to shrink considerably.

Visit the site to know more.

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Reusable bread bags: 2 practical sizes

Do you bake your own bread? 🍞 Where do you buy them at a small local bakery? 👨‍🍳 In both cases, you can avoid disposable plastic bags.

All you need is a reusable bread bag. Made of waterproof fabric, it advantageously replaces paper and plastic bags for storing and freezing bread. They are closed by a superimposed rim and a press stud.

I offer two formats: Baguette 🥖 and Miche 🍞.

🥖 As you can imagine, the baguette format is longer and narrower. It measures 18 cm wide by 56 cm long (7″ x 22″). I made it so it can fit 2 Costco chopsticks. I regularly use this format to freeze my baguettes.

🍞 The loaf format is wider and shorter. It measures 23 cm wide by 46 cm long (9″ x 18″). It is perfect for standard commercial loaves.

PS If your loaves are giant or oddly shaped, I can make you a custom one. I just need the dimensions of your bread. Contact me to discuss and get an estimate. 🤙

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4️⃣ Back to school green: Tip #4

The clothes we wear are a major source of pollution, both during their manufacture and at the end of their life. 👖 And kids grow up so fast that they don't wear out all their clothes until they don't… 😱

So here is what I suggest to reduce the ecological footprint ♻️ (and economic! 💲) of dressing your children for the start of the school year: Create a clothing exchange club with other parents in your neighborhood or school. ♻️ Whether in person, on social media or otherwise, you will definitely find tons of interested parents! 👍

Clothes that are too small for one will make others happy. They can thus pass to 3 or 4 children before being thrown away. 👍 Imagine how happy the planet and your wallet will be! 🤩

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Plastic bags at the grocery store should no longer exist, right? 🛍️

With minimal effort, you can replace all the plastic bags when shopping for groceries. Imagine the diet you will put your trash can through! 🗑️

First, since they are everywhere, and many businesses give them away, you should have a supply of reusable bags for several years. 🛍️ All you have to do is keep them handy. A bad shot, because oversights happen: favor paper, or even send everything directly to your car trunk, without packaging. You can be sure that you will think about it next time! (Lived story 😂)

Then, bring your clean containers and have your cold cuts sliced at the counter. 🥪 More and more businesses are doing it, and even big chains. The pandemic had dampened the ardor of many, but the practice is back in service. If your grocery store doesn't, talk to the manager, you might be surprised when they open. 💚

Do you like to buy your candies and nuts in bulk? 🍬 Avoid disposable plastic bags. Whether it's in a chain or a small local business, the Mason jar 🫙 is your best friend. They are weighed at the entrance, then once filled to pay only the weight of the contents. Little magic trick: a dry erase marker to write the contents on the lid, it's great!

And finally, for fruits 🍎 and fresh vegetables 🍅, nothing better than a net bag. Lightweight and rolls well in the pannier or bag of bags, no more tearing bags before you get home! Even the heaviest potatoes did not overcome mine! 🙃

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🏫 Eco-friendly back to school: #3 thing

Have you finished your back-to-school shopping? 📚

To reduce transport-related greenhouse gases, buy as much as possible locally ⚜️ rather than online or in large chains. It keeps the economy going here, and it reduces your ecological footprint. 🌱

PS If you live in town, you could even decide to do your shopping on foot or by bike, it would be even more eco-friendly! 💚

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Survey: washable handkerchiefs at school 🤧

More and more schools are making ecological gestures on a daily basis, and teaching children to do their part. ♻️ But I was wondering: would teachers (in elementary school) be ready to adopt washable tissues for their classes? 🤔

The idea came to mind when I thought of the many boxes of tissues asked of parents at the start of the school year… There are definitely pros and cons. ⚖️

What do you think of it, as a teacher or as a parent? 🤔 #debatrespectful

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Food bags: really easy to maintain! 😊

Are you still using disposable ziplocs, because you're afraid of the extra time to wash reusable bags? ⌚ Think again! It's really quick and easy.

🚤 The express wash: In the dishwater 🧽, we sponge a little in a dishcloth, then hang upside down. Personally, I use magnet clips on my stove hood. It's dry in a few hours.

🤿 The deep wash: In the washing machine, turned inside out, in the load of your choice. For drying, we preferably suspend, or we send to the machine at low temperature, after having put them back in the place.

They will be ready to be used again in a jiffy! I guarantee you won't want to go back to plastic bags again, and the planet will thank you for it. 🌎💚

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Back to school green 🏫🌳

The #1 trick for a return to school with the least possible ecological impact: favor sustainability wherever possible. 🌎

Tsé the lead pencils from the one-dollar store, which are already broken when you buy them… 🙄 It's not very eco-friendly, or even economical… ❌

Same thing with clothes, school bags, lunch bags, thermoses and colored pencils. If you choose good, and classic rather than "trendy", they can be reused longer before ending up in the trash. 🤟

With your consumer choices, you have the power to change things, one small step at a time. Think about it! 😉