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June 5, 2022: World Environment Day 🌎

Sustainable consumption and production, combined with circular approaches, can boost economic development, mitigate climate change, have positive impacts on health and pollution

Today, share your actions for the Earth with #OnlyOneEarth or #UneSeuleTerre and encourage at least one person to do the same! Launch a beautiful mobilization chain with me!

My commitment for today and every day: make as many people as possible aware of simple actions that can make a difference for our beautiful planet, such as reducing single-use plastics.

You too can make a difference! Need ideas? Consult the practical guide #UneSeuleTerre:

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Is dad a chef? 👨‍🍳

If your spouse or your father often cooks at home, I envy you! 😉

To encourage him to continue, offer him beautiful eco-friendly and practical items for Father's Day! 😘 Because reusable bags and bowl covers aren't just for women. I also have several more neutral fabrics, perfect for these gentlemen! 🧔‍♂️

I invite you to shop by fabric on the store: and look at gray or blue plaid fabrics, breads, mouse gray, pizza margarita, orange, royal blue, sunshine yellow, coffee or whaleboats, among others.

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When I go on vacation...

Friday game 🎲: complete the sentence.

When I go on vacation, I put in my bag Taille & Retailles…

… crayons for the kids in the restaurant! 🖍️
(Okay, I cheated 😈: not anymore, my daughters are getting too old for that… 📱)

And you? What will you put in your reusable bags for the holidays? 🧳

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Looking for the perfect gift for the end of the year?

Look no further: This is where you'll find the best green ideas to spoil a golden teacher or educator, no matter your budget.

Each set offers a 10% discount compared to buying each item separately, in addition to simplifying your shopping. You can even let me choose the fabrics for you!

Together Thank you for everything

Madame Annie is a lover of good food? This set is made for her!

The set contains a regular cheese cover and a small bowl cover, with a personalized message.


Together A thought for you

Madame Geneviève takes all her lunches at school? This gift will be ideal for her!

The set contains a mini bowl cover and a snack bag, with a personalized message.


Summer fun set

Madame Stéphanie has her daycare at home or a large family? So she will love sharing these summer pleasures with her little boys.

The set contains 4 Mr Freeze covers, with a personalized message.


Vindredi Retailles Set

Madame Émilie is always ready for a Friday night party with her colleagues? This is the set he needs!

The set contains an assortment of 6 wine coaster slippers and a Retailles decorative charm in the shape of a wine cup, with a personalized message.


Love cutlery set

Madame Nathalie covers her proteges with love and good food? She won't be able to resist this gift!

The set contains a set of 4 bowl covers: mini, small, medium and large (or lasagna), with a personalized message.


Together take care of yourself

Madame Mélanie always puts on her 36 for her students? She'll love pampering herself with this set!

The set contains a soap holder and a set of 10 make-up remover wipes.


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Are you a fan of swimming in the summer? 🏊‍♀️

I do! I tolerate heat very badly. 🥵 It gives me a migraine. 🤕 So the air conditioning and the swimming pool are really important to me. Although I know it's not too green. 🤷‍♀️ You have to choose your battles in life.

On the other hand, we do not purposely consume more than necessary when using the pool. 🔌 Do you know the tricks to reduce electricity, water and chemical consumption for your swimming pool? This article gives you several:

If you have a large lot, and you are thinking of installing one, or replacing the existing one, think of the natural swimming pool. It's like having a little lake at home! 🏞️

Good summer refreshment! 🍹

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My favorite for the summer 😍

Do you like to eat popsicles all summer long? 🍦 Me too! This is why I chose the covers Mr Freeze as a favorite to present yourself for the Etsy VS spring market.

Here is my top 5 good reasons to love them:

5. They have 2 layers of fabric on each side, so they are really insulating 🧤 #finislesdoigtsgeles

4. They make a great guest favor for summer friends parties 🎉, zero waste to boot! #no packaging

3. They are colorful, so children love them, and adults too 💚 #coeurdenfant

2. They make a great home educator gift. 👩‍👧‍👦 Imagine the party when the 6 children enjoy their frozen treat #viveletealagarderie

1. They are made of scraps, so avoid throwing away pieces of fabric #pasdegaspillage 🚫🗑️

Come pick yours at the Etsy VS Spring Market next weekend!

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Utilise tes savons sans gaspiller 🧼

Es-tu Séraphine à tes heures? 🤑 Moi, ce n’est pas tant pour le côté monétaire (bon, quand même un peu…), mais surtout pour ne pas gaspiller du bon matériel. 🗑️

Alors quand j’ai des bouts de savons, je les rassemble tous dans mon Soap dish, et ils sont bons jusqu’à la dernière goutte! 💦

J’ouvre aussi les bouteilles à pompe pour utiliser ce qui colle aux parois… Je gagnes au moins 2 semaines de crème de jour avec cette astuce! 😮

Et toi? As-tu des trucs écolos-éconos à nous partager?

Photo de Séraphin et Donalda : Archives Radio-Canada
Montage par moi.

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Aimes-tu les abeilles? 🐝

Aujourd’hui, le 20 mai, c’est la Journée Mondiale des Abeilles. Tu le sais sûrement, leurs populations sont en déclin pour plusieurs raisons. 💔

Une façon de les protéger accessible à tous, c’est de leur offrir de la nourrir tôt au printemps, en laissant les pissenlits et autres fleurs printanières fleurir un peu partout. 🌷

Défi pour toi : Montre-nous ta belle pelouse amie des abeilles! 🐝🌻

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🧑‍🌾 Farmers markets are back!

With the good weather, we are gradually seeing the reopening of farmers' markets across Quebec. 😃

Did you know that buying local is also making a conscious choice for the environment? 🌳

⚜️ Local products = less transport 🚚, therefore less greenhouse gas. Long live the products from here!

Tell me, what is your favorite farmer's market or local producer?

PS Don't forget to bring your net bags Taille & Retailles and your reusable grocery bags to do your shopping! 😉

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Participes-tu à l’économie circulaire? 🔄

L’économie circulaire, c’est plus qu’un concept à la mode! C’est vraiment la voie de l’avenir. Nos ancêtres l’avaient compris, il ne nous reste qu’à se le réapproprier.

Avec mes produits et mon entreprise, je touche à plusieurs sphères de l’économie circulaire :

  • 🗑️ Gestion des déchets : mes produits sont réutilisables plutôt que jetables après usage
  • 🗓️ Achat durable : mes produits sont conçus pour durer plusieurs années
  • 🧩 Éco-conception : je conçois tous mes produits de façon à réduire l’usage de matière
  • ⚜️ Consommation responsable : je favorise les distributeurs locaux pour mes achats, et j’utilise des retailles lorsque possible (ex. ratine des lingettes démaquillantes, pantoufles sous-verres, couvre Mr. Freeze)
  • 🪡 Allongement de la durée d’emploi : j’offre des services de réparations et altérations de vêtements et autres produits textiles

Et toi? Quelle est ta contribution?

Pour en savoir d’avantage sur le sujet, lis cet article de l’AQZD :