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Plus que 15 jours avant la rentrée

N’oublie pas de commander tes sacs collation dès maintenant si tu veux les recevoir à temps pour le début de l’année scolaire!

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🎂 Une fête d’enfants bientôt?

Penses écolo pour les petites surprises des amis. 🌳 En été, les manchons couvre Mr Freeze sont parfaits pour ça! 🎉

  • Petits
  • Colorés
  • Abordables
  • Faits de retailles
  • Favoris des enfants

Un succès garanti! 👌 Prix spécial disponible pour les grandes quantités : contacte-moi pour en discuter.

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Napperon grand format : commande le tien dès maintenant!

Imagine comment tes collègues de travail seront jaloux quand tu sortiras ton super napperon avec pochette à ustensiles de ton sac à lunch! 😱 Juste pour ça, tu en veux un. Haha! 🤣

Sérieusement, avoir son petit espace propre dans la salle à dîner commune, ça vaut son pesant d’or, non? 🧽 En plus, tes ustensiles resteront propres dans ton sac à lunch, car ils sont emballés dans ton napperon. Après le repas, tu éviteras aussi que les ustensiles ne salissent ton sac en les remballant dans ton napperon.

Tu échappes de la sauce ou du jus de raisin sur ton napperon? 🤭 Pas grave, il est imperméable, alors ça ne passera pas au travers. Puis tu l’envoie dans la machine à laver en arrivant du travail, et le tour est joué. 👌

Et comme il est fait sur commande, tu peux choisir ton tissu préféré parmi ceux en stock. Unique. Juste. Pour. Toi. Qu’est-ce que tu attends? 🚦

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Really insulating! 🧤

You know me, I always test my products before putting them on the market. 🧪 I don't want my products to end up in the trash 🗑️ or give me a bad name. 🗯️

In the first version of my insulating sleeves for Mr Freeze, I only put one layer of fabric on each side. But we quickly realized, my daughters and I, that it was not enough. 👎 So the final version I put on the market is made up of 2 layers of fabric on each side. 👍 There, let's talk!

Then I can guarantee you that you won't hear any more complaints of frozen fingers! Promised! 😇

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Do you like cheese? 🧀

Me, really! 😋 I don't remember tasting a cheese that I hated. I'm not crazy about Swiss, but not so crazy that I don't eat it. My favorite? It's hard to say… but I have to admit that I love blue cheese!

So when I found this beautiful fabric with a variety of cheeses, I jumped on it, you understand! 😃 I already see cheese covers, or a bowl cover for the cheese plate! #concept

You can now order your favorite eco-friendly items in this pattern in the shop.

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✨ New! Large size placemats available to order

I have often been asked if I make placemats larger than my current format, which was designed for children at school 🏫, so rather compact, i.e. 9″ x 12″. School cafeteria tables are usually quite small, so a placemat that is too large would be cumbersome. But for adults, it's something else.

There doesn't seem to be enough demand for me to make it ready-to-go at the moment, but I decided to offer it on order, just to test your interest.🧪

Like its little brother, it will have a utensil pouch and a rubber band to roll it up in the lunch bag. Its dimensions will be 10″ x 15″ (25.5cm X 38cm).

Since it will only be available on order, don't wait too long to announce a fabric of your taste, so that I haven't transformed it into something else!

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School ends in a few days… 🏫

Did you forget, or ran out of time to make a teacher or educator gift? 😳 I know, it happened to me almost every year. I was thinking about it from the beginning of June, but I always ended up finding something at the last minute… So I understand you very well. 🤗

That's why I offer you an easy and quick solution. Offer a Taille & Retailles gift card : beautiful, eco-friendly, practical, without the headache of knowing what she already has or doesn't have, what she likes or doesn't, sent immediately by email, in the amount of your choice! 👌 You can also choose to send it to yourself, and print the code to attach it to a handmade card by your child. 💌

Tadah! Fixed in the blink of an eye! 🧞‍♀️ You're welcome! 😉

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💭 A touching thought is priceless!

Just because our gratitude 🤲 is infinite doesn't mean our budget is too. 💰 So to thank these golden teachers and educators, here are 2 sets at a low price filled with gratitude and practical everyday products.

For Madame Annie, who loves good food, what could be better than a cheese cover 🧀 and a small bowl cover 🍜? She can use them in her fridge, or even in her lunch. The “Thank you for everything” set also includes the personalized message of your choice. Add a beautiful drawing made by her student, and she will be thrilled! 😇

For Madame Geneviève, who takes all her meals at school, either for the sake of economy or ecology, I composed the set "A thought for you". It includes a mini bowl cover for his candy or nut jars, and a snack bag for his favorite raw vegetables. Add your personalized message and a homemade cupcake, and you'll be happy, guaranteed! 😃

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Father's Day: Taille & Retailles products are also for him! 🙋🏻‍♂️

Although they represent 95% of my customers and my fans on social networks, women do not have exclusive use of my products. 🙃 This is why I also have more neutral and unisex fabrics in my collection.

To give dad a nice gift, whether it's for cooking 👨 🍳 or for his lunches 🍱, come take a look at the shop. By choosing the section "Shop by Fabric", you can go directly to the fabrics that he will like and see the products available.

Some are even on clearance, like the gray or blue checks, because I don't have many choices left in these fabrics. So you could spoil it at a better price, or add an additional product, depending on your budget! 🤑

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🏕️ Camping: THE ideal soap dish

Are you a fan of tent camping? ⛺ If so, you should definitely use the common showers of the campsite, which are, let’s say it… rustic!

❓ What do we want the least when we take our shower in a cabin?

➡️ May our soap fall to the ground! Ouch! 🤢

With your Baluchon soap dish to hang, you will be sure to avoid this! 🤩 Slip it on your wrist, or hang it on the shower head, and keep your soap clean. Awesome, right? 😍

When you're done showering, you can hang it on a branch or your camp clothesline to let it dry. Put mosquito repellent lemongrass soap in it, and you'll be equipped for memorable camping! A well-invested 15$, I guarantee it! ✨