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✨ Nouveau! Napperons grand format disponibles sur commande

On m’a souvent demandé si je faisais des napperons plus grands que mon format actuel, qui a été pensé pour les enfants à l’école 🏫, donc plutôt compact, soit 9″ x 12″. Les tables de cafétéria d’école sont généralement assez petites, donc un napperon trop grand serait encombrant. Mais pour les adultes, c’est autre chose.

Il ne me semble pas y avoir assez de demande pour que j’en fasse en prêt-à-partir pour le moment, mais j’ai décidé de l’offrir sur commande, histoire de tester votre intérêt.🧪

Comme son petit frère, il aura une pochette à ustensiles et un élastique pour le rouler dans le sac à lunch. Ses dimensions seront de 10″ x 15″ (25.5cm X 38cm).

Puisqu’il ne sera disponible que sur commande, ne tarde pas trop à l’annonce d’un tissu de ton goût, histoire que je ne l’aie pas tout transformé en autre chose!

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Use your soaps without wasting 🧼

Are you Séraphine at your hours? 🤑 For me, it's not so much for the monetary side (well, still a little...), but above all not to waste good material. 🗑️

So when I have bits of soap, I collect them all in my Soap dish, and they are good to the last drop! 💦

I also open the pump bottles to use what sticks to the walls… I gain at least 2 weeks of day cream with this trick! 😮

And you? Do you have any eco-saving tips to share with us?

Photo of Séraphin and Donalda: Radio-Canada Archives
Editing by me.

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🧼 Does your soap stay soft and wet in the shower?

Me, it happened all the time. 😬 After that, I found myself with "scratches" in it, made by my daughters when they were washing, because the texture was so "fun". 🙄 A real waste, especially when they were beautiful handmade soaps!

But not since I use my Soap dish! 🤩 Since the net fabric absorbs very little water, the soap dries quickly between uses, and therefore is no longer soft and fragile. 💪

Plus, I no longer have sticky residue on the soap dish. 🧼 My soap lasts longer and is more pleasant to use. I like! 😍

Do you have this soft soap problem at home? 🤔

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🧼 Le Baluchon foams so well!

One of the reasons why the Baluchon soap dish is extraordinary is its ability to lather soap or solid shampoo.

With its two thicknesses, all you have to do is wet it then rub it in for a few seconds to create a nice lather. It's really awesome! You can then either use your hands to distribute the foam in your hair or your body, or even rub the Baluchon directly on your body.

Before, I had trouble lathering my solid shampoo in my hands. I would spend several minutes wetting and rubbing it in before I got enough lather for my hair, even running it straight through my hair. Now that it stays in its Baluchon, I get lots of beautiful mousse to put in my hair in seconds! ⌚

And since my shampoo bar lasts me about 2 months, washing every 2-3 days, it's really economical 🤑, in addition to being ecological 🌎. Because solid soap uses a lot less water in its production, and it's lighter for transport than the bottle or bottles of liquid shampoo it replaces. Win-win!

To try it, it's here –>

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And the winning name is… 👏

With an overwhelming majority of 75% of votes 😱, the Taille & Retailles soap dish bag will be named:

The Bundle!

Congratulation to Martine Lafleur, who won her Baluchon thanks to the name she suggested, and her fan club, who voted for her idea! 🗳️ I will contact you by email to send you your product in the fabric of your choice.

The product is now online, and you can get it by following the link below:

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Now is the time to vote! 🗳️

"Help me find the name of the new product!" »

Here we are at the 2nd stage of the competition: the vote among the proposed names. ✅

🧼 I had 8 proposals, for 5 name ideas here: Le Baluchon, le Hop-Mousse!, le Portibarre, le Sakasavon, la Savonnette and le Savonneur. I admit that I love the Sakasavon, but 3 people suggested the Savonnette. The race is going to be hot! 🥵

☑️ From April 23 to 28, vote for the name you prefer, and help the person (or people) who suggested it to win their product.

If you came up with an idea, now is the time to share with your family and friends to get as many votes as possible! ↩️

The votes will be closed on April 29, to make way for the launch and unveiling of the winner on April 30! ✨

May the best win! 🥇

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✨ Improved presentation for products ✨

I am currently revising my product sheets to make them clearer and easier to understand. I added some color and emojis 🙃.

I've also separated each size into a sheet, for clarity, but also to allow for background syncing ↔️ between the web, Etsy, and Square. Because computers are fine, but it also has its limitations. 🙄

To date, I have made the bowl covers and the cheese covers.

Do you like?

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🆕 NEW! Compose your combo of bowl covers! 🥗

I have often been asked if we could make a trio of bowl covers of the same size, a set of all 5 sizes, or another mix than the famous trio small-medium-large and small-medium-lasagna.

So I announce that it is now possible to compose your set to your liking now! And with an automatic discount of 10%, on top of that!