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Plus que 15 jours avant la rentrée

N’oublie pas de commander tes sacs collation dès maintenant si tu veux les recevoir à temps pour le début de l’année scolaire!

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⏳ Plus que 23 jours avant le retour à l’école! 🏫

N’oublie pas de vérifier les articles que tu as triés à la fin de l’année scolaire et qui pourraient être réutilisés, avant de sortir faire tes achats de la rentrée. 🤑 Avec l’argent économisé, tu pourras mettre à jour ta collection de sacs pour des lunchs zéro déchet. 😍

En promo jusqu’au 31 août : 15% de rabais sur les napperons pour enfant, les sacs collation et les sacs sandwich. Certains produits sont même à 25% de rabais, car faits de tissus épuisés depuis un bout! 🤩

P.S. Les ensembles ne sont pas réduits, mais ils sont déjà une économie de 15 à 20% par rapport à l’achat de produits séparément. 😉

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🚸 La rentrée scolaire est à nos portes

Dans 4 semaines, les enfants retournent à l’école. 🏫 Es-tu nostalgique 😥 ou soulagée 😮‍💨? Peut-être un peu des 2?

En tout cas, il faut commencer à se préparer, si tu ne veux pas être dans le jus la semaine juste avant, et pour recevoir tes achats en ligne à temps. ⏳

📢 C’est pour ça que je commence mon spécial de la rentrée dès maintenant.

Pour tout le mois d’août, les sacs collation, les sacs à sandwich et les napperons pour enfant sont en rabais de 15%. Aucun minimum d’achat requis. 🤑

En plus, si tu fais une grosse commande, la livraison est toujours à moitié prix à partir de 50$, et gratuite à partir de 100$. 🚚

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Summer fun for Madame Stéphanie 👩🏿 🏫 and Madame Émilie 👩🏼 🏫

We know that Madame Stéphanie has her heart on her hand 💝, and shares everything with her little friends from daycare. So make him happy by thinking of his big family: offer him the "Summer Pleasures" set, consisting of 4 covers Mr Freeze. She will now be able to enjoy frozen treats with her little ones, without hearing complaints about frozen hands 🥶, and without wasting paper towels. The sleeves are well insulated, and made of scraps, so even more eco-friendly! 💚

Have you heard of Madame Émilie's famous Vindredi 🍷 parties 🥳? So give him a favor, and give him something to celebrate, without sharing germs with his friends! 🦠 The “Vindredi Retailles” set consists of 6 assorted wine coaster slippers, and a decorative and utilitarian "wine cup" charm. Made from cutting scraps, these items will make her dream of Friday every day of the year, while protecting the planet! 🌎

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End of class gifts for Madame Nathalie 👩🏻 🏫 and Madame Mélanie 👩🏾 🏫

To spoil those who take care of your children every day, consider offering a practical and original gift: one of the Taille & Retailles eco-friendly gift sets. 🎁

For Madame Nathalie, who is a real mother hen for her little chicks, the "Covered with Love" set will be ideal. With these 4 bowl covers of various sizes, she will now be able to protect her small dishes as well as her students! 🐔🐤🐤

For Madame Mélanie, who is always well dressed and carefully made up 💄, think about giving her something to take care of her, for once! The “Take care of yourself” set has been designed for her: a soap dish bundle (add a beautiful soap from your favorite soap factory) 🧼, and a set of 10 make-up remover wipes. Enough to continue to shine, day after day! 🌟

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Survey: end of school year gifts 🧑‍🏫

On what date do you choose the gifts for the educators and teachers of your children? 📅

Me, I admit it, I was often #teamlastminute. 🤭 Now that my daughters are in high school, it's not so necessary to buy gifts from teachers. But I know that many of you are wondering what to offer that is original and useful to those who take such good care of your children. 🤗

So I'm preparing beautiful, easy-to-order sets for all budgets that will be online next week. 😃 I would have liked to put them online earlier, because it's been on my schedule for a while, but life being what it is... 🙃 There you go. It is now. 🤷

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Do you like my content? 🥰

You follow me on social networks, but you miss posts too often? Blame it on the Meta algorithm… 🙄

How to get around this? Easy! Subscribe to the Taille & Retailles newsletter. 💌

Each week, you will receive an email with the contents of the week. 📬 You will also receive exclusive promotions, and sometimes even exclusives! 🤩

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💮 It's spring, we're cleaning up! 🧹

I'm participating in the Spring Cleaning I Spend Local! 🧹

For the occasion, I put ALL items made from fabrics that are used up liquidation at 25%.

So more than 200 items are on sale until Sunday only!