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A little workshop tour 🎥

A little challenge for me today, because making videos and talking about me are my pet peeve… 🪳I present to you my workshop!

Here is a small video-montage entirely made by my phone (or is it Google Photos? 🤔) automatically. In fact, I don't remember asking for an edit, but it was in my uploaded videos… 🤷 Very handy when you're not too hot on videos! Haha! 🤣

Thanks to Etsy Vaudreuil-Soulanges for the kick you know where! #springwalk #etsyvs #etsyvaudreuilsoulanges

Don't forget to come see me next weekend, May 28 and 29, at the Faubourg de l'Île de Pincourt.

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🌹 The eternal roses version Taille & Retailles 🌹

Valentine's Day 💘 is in 1 week! Imagine how useful and pretty a present you could offer by presenting your trio of bowl covers as eternal roses! 🤩

Here is the video that explains how to turn your bowl covers into flowers –>

How to make roses with round reusable bowl covers

If you don't feel like an artist and would like me to make you ready to go, contact me to discuss! 🤩

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A SORTING CENTER: What does it eat in winter…?!

Today, I'm sharing a somewhat long (35 minutes), but very informative video, about blue bins and sorting centers. The conversation between Grégory Pratte of Tricentris and Vanessa Schneider of My green choices teaches us a lot, and in a fun way, too!

Among other things, I learned that we shouldn't say a recycling bin, but a recovery bin. Because recycling happens AFTER the sorting centre. Did you know that?

Listen to the video and tell me what you learned again!

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👍 Good move for the environment: recorded containers for take-out orders 🍽️

Are there restaurants in your area that are part of the movement? Have you tried them?

I haven't found any yet in Vaudreuil, but I would really like it!!

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The sharing economy

Borrowing or renting tools you don't use often is a good idea! 💡 Cheaper, less storage space, fewer tools produced, just good for the environment 🌎 and your basement or shed!

I would like to convince my boyfriend of the benefits of renting... 💁 But hey, one step at a time, he's starting to look at used rather than new. It's better than nothing. 😉

And you? Are you the Ti-Mé-prêt-rien or community workshop type? Tell me about your experiences!