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Ma saison préférée, c’est l’été! 🌞

La piscine 🏊, la chaleur 🌡️ (même si ça peut me donner la migraine, parfois), les fleurs 🌻 partout, les vêtements courts 👙 et les produits frais 🍓🍉🫐🌽 et locaux ⚜️ dans mon assiette… Vraiment j’adore l’été! 😻

Et toi? Quelle est ta saison préférée? Pourquoi?

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Taille & Retailles, who is that? 🤔

👋 It's me, Julianne Courtois, seamstress owner. I am, since 2018, the head, the heart and the hands that present you with zero waste solutions that are easy to adopt!

As after each wave of contests 🏄, many of you have discovered and liked my business, and I thank you for that! 🥰

To know more about me, I invite you to visit the section About of my site, or to ask me a question.

You can also subscribe to the weekly newsletter so you don't miss any news.

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My super power 🦸‍♀️: extreme concentration

We know many people who have attention deficit, the famous ADD with or without H. But did you know that the opposite exists?

Well, I wouldn't say it's a diagnosis, but I'm living the opposite: sometimes I'm really TOO focused on what I'm doing. 🧠

To the point of forgetting to go to the toilet… 🚽 or to eat… 🍱

Or finding myself completely frozen in the basement in front of my computer… 🥶

Or to take the leap without common sense when my spouse comes to talk to me in my sewing studio. 😱

The current task is done in a very precise and efficient way, but when I “wake up”, I am always surprised to have been able to forget my environment at this point. 😲

And you, what is your super power? 🦸‍♀️

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🌱 Little eco-friendly will become big...

Did you know? Respect for nature, I fell into it when I was little, like Obélix in the magic potion. 😆

My father being a biologist by training, he worked all his life for the Ministry of Environment and Wildlife (and several variations of the name, for the same structure!). 💚 He has worked on the preservation of several species, by studying them, and by participating in the development of guides for the exploitation and protection of forest resources 🌲, hunting 🏹 and fishing 🎣.

From an early age, he taught my sister and me to respect nature, animals, plants and more. It is therefore in my nature to continue on this path. 🌳

I think I have succeeded in transmitting these values to my daughters, since my oldest is going to study environmental sciences when she goes to Cégep, in a little over a year. 💚

And you? How long have you been interested in ecology? Have you started teaching respect for nature to your children? Do you have any tips to share with us?

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May the 4th be with you!

On this Star Wars day, I wish you all the strength on your side! 👋

Did you know I'm a science fiction fan? ✨ A bit much geek on the edges, I love science fiction stories, superheroes, in space, in the future, on extra-terrestrial worlds, etc. On the other hand, I admit that I like the Star Trek style much better than Star Wars. 🖖

And you? Do you like science fiction? What is your favorite series?

PS What did you notice in my photo? 🤭

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Did you know that… ❓

Am I a fan of escape games? 🔒 On my tablet, in a table game or in rooms, I literally love this type of game! 🙃 If I become a millionaire one day, for sure I will pay myself trips on this theme! ✈️

Until then, tell me, do you like this kind of game? Share your best places, or your best games!