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Tell me about yourself: what do you do for a living? 💁

Are you someone who wears many hats in life? 🎩 Do you have a job? Or even several? I want to know! 🔎

In any case, I wear and have worn several hats! I've always been someone who likes to learn new things, and touch everything. So I've done a lot of jobs, and I'm likely to continue to do more! 🙃

I was first an orthotist for 18 years. 🦶 So I worked both in the medical field, treating people, 🧑 ⚕️ but also with my hands, to shape, mold, polish several materials. 🧰 During these years, I didn't just do "just my job". I also created work tools 🖥️, did supervision and training, learned several related fields (shoes, compression stockings, breast prostheses...).

I had 2 children, 2 years apart, so I was a stay-at-home mom for 1 year each, with all the tasks that come with this “job”. 👩‍👧‍👧

Then I created my business, and I became a real handywoman! Production 🪡, customer service 📞, web management 👩‍💻, social media management 📱, accounting 🧮, graphic design 🖼️, marketing, …

And to make ends meet, I also sometimes dispatch for a commercial cleaning company, and now I'm an office clerk 3 days a week. I do invoicing, filing, and I help them improve their work techniques by improving their Excel tools. 💻

Quite a program, isn't it? And you? Are you the type to have only one specialty, or do you have several?

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Poll: how many children do you have? 👪

I would like us to know each other better, so I can offer you products and content that are more like you. 🪞

For my part, I have two daughters, 13 and 15 years old. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 This summer, my oldest will be able to start driving! 🚗 I can't believe it, time flies so fast, don't you think? 🚗

And you? Do you have children? In what age group? Choose the emoji that matches, or comment.
😮 I have no children
🥰 0-6 years old – Babies and preschool
😆 6-12 years old – Elementary school
❤️ 12-17 years old – Teens in high school
👍 18+ years old – Adult children

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Why Taille & Retailles? 🤔

Another question that I am often asked is about the origin of my name. 📛

In fact, when I officially launched my business, I had two main niches, and I couldn't leave one of them: original, unique and tailor-made creations 🪡 and creations with an ecological vocation ♻️. So I looked for a name that would represent this duality ☯️ well, in addition to having a beautiful sound and a link with sewing. 🧵

So in my mind, Size represents the uniqueness of custom creations, like a tailor. 👗 So this represents the few bespoke clothes and costumes I've made, and when I'm asked to make alterations and adjustments to clothes. 🪡 I admit that this side of my business has been quietly put aside, to further promote the second facet.

Retailles, who took the lead, represents the ecological side of my business. 🌿 Although the majority of my creations are not made from scraps, I find that the word represents the care not to waste material, to design the products well so as not to create unnecessary waste. 🗑️ And of course, when the opportunity arises, like for the Mr Freeze covers and the coaster slippers, the use of scraps to make new products. ♻️

So this is how, after a big brainstorm 🧠 and a focus group, I chose the name of my company in the fall of 2018. I am still as satisfied with my name after more than 3 years of existence, and I regularly receive compliments on it. So I'm very proud of it! 😀