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💭 A touching thought is priceless!

Just because our gratitude 🤲 is infinite doesn't mean our budget is too. 💰 So to thank these golden teachers and educators, here are 2 sets at a low price filled with gratitude and practical everyday products.

For Madame Annie, who loves good food, what could be better than a cheese cover 🧀 and a small bowl cover 🍜? She can use them in her fridge, or even in her lunch. The “Thank you for everything” set also includes the personalized message of your choice. Add a beautiful drawing made by her student, and she will be thrilled! 😇

For Madame Geneviève, who takes all her meals at school, either for the sake of economy or ecology, I composed the set "A thought for you". It includes a mini bowl cover for his candy or nut jars, and a snack bag for his favorite raw vegetables. Add your personalized message and a homemade cupcake, and you'll be happy, guaranteed! 😃

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Survey: end of school year gifts 🧑‍🏫

On what date do you choose the gifts for the educators and teachers of your children? 📅

Me, I admit it, I was often #teamlastminute. 🤭 Now that my daughters are in high school, it's not so necessary to buy gifts from teachers. But I know that many of you are wondering what to offer that is original and useful to those who take such good care of your children. 🤗

So I'm preparing beautiful, easy-to-order sets for all budgets that will be online next week. 😃 I would have liked to put them online earlier, because it's been on my schedule for a while, but life being what it is... 🙃 There you go. It is now. 🤷