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💭 A touching thought is priceless!

Just because our gratitude 🤲 is infinite doesn't mean our budget is too. 💰 So to thank these golden teachers and educators, here are 2 sets at a low price filled with gratitude and practical everyday products.

For Madame Annie, who loves good food, what could be better than a cheese cover 🧀 and a small bowl cover 🍜? She can use them in her fridge, or even in her lunch. The “Thank you for everything” set also includes the personalized message of your choice. Add a beautiful drawing made by her student, and she will be thrilled! 😇

For Madame Geneviève, who takes all her meals at school, either for the sake of economy or ecology, I composed the set "A thought for you". It includes a mini bowl cover for his candy or nut jars, and a snack bag for his favorite raw vegetables. Add your personalized message and a homemade cupcake, and you'll be happy, guaranteed! 😃

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End of class gifts for Madame Nathalie 👩🏻 🏫 and Madame Mélanie 👩🏾 🏫

To spoil those who take care of your children every day, consider offering a practical and original gift: one of the Taille & Retailles eco-friendly gift sets. 🎁

For Madame Nathalie, who is a real mother hen for her little chicks, the "Covered with Love" set will be ideal. With these 4 bowl covers of various sizes, she will now be able to protect her small dishes as well as her students! 🐔🐤🐤

For Madame Mélanie, who is always well dressed and carefully made up 💄, think about giving her something to take care of her, for once! The “Take care of yourself” set has been designed for her: a soap dish bundle (add a beautiful soap from your favorite soap factory) 🧼, and a set of 10 make-up remover wipes. Enough to continue to shine, day after day! 🌟

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Looking for the perfect gift for the end of the year?

Look no further: This is where you'll find the best green ideas to spoil a golden teacher or educator, no matter your budget.

Each set offers a 10% discount compared to buying each item separately, in addition to simplifying your shopping. You can even let me choose the fabrics for you!

Together Thank you for everything

Madame Annie is a lover of good food? This set is made for her!

The set contains a regular cheese cover and a small bowl cover, with a personalized message.


Together A thought for you

Madame Geneviève takes all her lunches at school? This gift will be ideal for her!

The set contains a mini bowl cover and a snack bag, with a personalized message.


Summer fun set

Madame Stéphanie has her daycare at home or a large family? So she will love sharing these summer pleasures with her little boys.

The set contains 4 Mr Freeze covers, with a personalized message.


Vindredi Retailles Set

Madame Émilie is always ready for a Friday night party with her colleagues? This is the set he needs!

The set contains an assortment of 6 wine coaster slippers and a Retailles decorative charm in the shape of a wine cup, with a personalized message.


Love cutlery set

Madame Nathalie covers her proteges with love and good food? She won't be able to resist this gift!

The set contains a set of 4 bowl covers: mini, small, medium and large (or lasagna), with a personalized message.


Together take care of yourself

Madame Mélanie always puts on her 36 for her students? She'll love pampering herself with this set!

The set contains a soap holder and a set of 10 make-up remover wipes.


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Survey: end of school year gifts 🧑‍🏫

On what date do you choose the gifts for the educators and teachers of your children? 📅

Me, I admit it, I was often #teamlastminute. 🤭 Now that my daughters are in high school, it's not so necessary to buy gifts from teachers. But I know that many of you are wondering what to offer that is original and useful to those who take such good care of your children. 🤗

So I'm preparing beautiful, easy-to-order sets for all budgets that will be online next week. 😃 I would have liked to put them online earlier, because it's been on my schedule for a while, but life being what it is... 🙃 There you go. It is now. 🤷

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Le Baluchon: Come see and touch it in person!

Again tomorrow, Sunday May 29, I will have in my hands the famous Baluchon, the hanging soap dish. This is the perfect opportunity to meet me, and ask all your questions about it!

There are also plenty of ideas for end of school year gifts!

Where? Faubourg de l'Île, 101 Bd Cardinal Léger, Pincourt, QC J7W 3Y3 – Gate 4

When? Saturday May 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday May 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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The favorite green gifts of teachers and educators

If you have caregivers in the family, you know they get tons of chocolate and bath products every year. Here are some original and ecological ideas to make a change and stand out!

1. THANK YOU CARD do it yourself

THE favorite gift of teachers and educators is without a doubt the one where the child has put all his heart and talent into it. Personalize the card according to the event, the age of the child and the interests of the person who will receive it.

Your gift will be all the more appreciated if it is personalized.

image source: pinterest

2. SWEET WORDS SNACK BAG by Craft the 4 leaf clover

Here is an ecological and practical gift that will be appreciated by teachers and educators. Made of waterproof fabrics with exclusive designs, they contain phrases of thanks that will warm the hearts of those who receive them each time they are used.


3. GUITAR STRING APPLE SIGNET by Do Re Mi Bracelets etc.

This little apple-shaped bookmark will make a practical, pretty, original and ecological gift… what could be better!? Made entirely with a guitar string that once made music, it will fill the heart of a fine-eared teacher!



This reusable bag closes in a small pouch. Easy to slip into purse, car door or suitcase when travelling. You will never be caught off guard on small commissions.


5. REUSABLE BOWL COVERS TRIO by Taille & Retailles

Practical, ecological, and easy to maintain, because machine washable, reusable bowl covers replace plastic wrap in the kitchen. The person who takes care of your child on a daily basis will be grateful for this original and useful gift that will add color to their kitchen for many years to come!


The other 4 sections will be published by the end of November. Stay tuned!

Guide cadeaux écolos 2021 - couverture

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