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Back to school green 🏫🌳

Le truc #1 pour un retour à l’école avec le moins d’impact écologique possible : privilégier le durable partout là où c’est possible. 🌎

Tsé les crayons à mine du magasin à une piasse, qui sont déjà cassés quand tu les achètes… 🙄 C’est pas très écolo, ni même écono… ❌

Même chose avec les vêtements, les sacs d’école, les sacs à lunch, les thermos et les crayons de couleur. Si tu choisis du bon, et du classique plutôt que « à la mode », ils pourront être réutilisés plus longtemps avant de se retrouver à la poubelle. 🤟

Avec tes choix de consommation, tu as le pouvoir de changer les choses, un petit geste à la fois. Penses-y! 😉

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🧑‍🌾 Farmers markets are back!

With the good weather, we are gradually seeing the reopening of farmers' markets across Quebec. 😃

Did you know that buying local is also making a conscious choice for the environment? 🌳

⚜️ Local products = less transport 🚚, therefore less greenhouse gas. Long live the products from here!

Tell me, what is your favorite farmer's market or local producer?

PS Don't forget to bring your net bags Taille & Retailles and your reusable grocery bags to do your shopping! 😉

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Do you participate in the circular economy? 🔄

The circular economy is more than a trendy concept! It really is the way of the future. Our ancestors understood it, we just have to reclaim it.

With my products and my company, I touch on several spheres of the circular economy:

  • 🗑️ Waste management: my products are reusable rather than disposable after use
  • 🗓️ Sustainable purchase: my products are designed to last several years
  • 🧩 Eco-design: I design all my products to reduce the use of materials
  • ⚜️ Responsible consumption: I favor local distributors for my purchases, and I use scraps when possible (e.g. terrycloth make-up remover wipes, slipper coasters, Mr. Freeze covers)
  • 🪡 Extension of the duration of employment: I offer repair and alteration services for clothing and other textile products

And you? What is your contribution?

To learn more about the subject, read this article from the AQZD:

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May 9: World Fair Trade Day ⚖️

Fair trade is about offering each participant in the supply chain fair compensation. 💵 Because respect for others is so important in life! 🤟

In addition, by promoting fair operations, it also has an impact on the environment, because fair businesses are generally less harmful to the planet, because they are on a smaller scale. 🌎

Do you promote fair trade for your daily purchases❔

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Food waste

Did you know that 63% of food residue could have been eaten? 😲

Imagine all these beautiful foods, which have been produced, transformed, transported, and finally thrown away! Especially since it is not everywhere that they are composted or used to produce biogas or energy...

Do you have a plan to avoid food waste for the Holidays?

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How to reduce your lighting energy consumption 💡

There are a few tricks to reduce your electricity consumption (and lower your bill, too! 🤑). Especially since we are coming to a period where we turn on our lights much earlier!

Here is an article from Protégez-vous that gives you some tips to save energy!

Do you have any other tips to reduce your energy consumption?🤔

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𝕃 '𝕖́𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕖 𝕔𝕚𝕣𝕔𝕦𝕝𝕒𝕚𝕣𝕖

Could this system of production and consumption be the solution to get out of the recycling crisis? Could this also be the way to optimize the economy to reduce its impact on our environment?

Here is a report from Eco Enterprises Quebec which takes stock of the situation: