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To put an end to over-packaging

Have you noticed that your bins have filled up much faster since 2020 🗑? The increase in online shopping has also had the effect of increasing packaging consumption 📦. And sometimes we see ridiculously overpacked packages arrive! You know, the cardboard box in a plastic bag in a cardboard box 3x too big with a ton of styrofoam to fill the void? 🙄

Here is an article that explains why and what would be the solutions to reach a reasonable threshold:

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Environmental impact assessment

Reusable does not always mean greener! 😲

For example, according to this study, bamboo straws and waxed food wraps are not greener, due to the use of the necessary resource (hot water) 💧 to wash these items by hand. 😞

On the other hand, the ceramic coffee cup ☕️ is a super good alternative! 👍

To read more on the subject, here is a very interesting article:

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What takes up the most space in your trash cans?

Tell me, have you looked at the contents of your garbage can or recycling bin? 👀 This is one of the first steps to choose your actions to reduce your waste.

Here are the orange juice containers 🍊, but we don't have a bulk juice dispenser near here. I would love that so much! That would make a lot less waste in our bin! ♻

Before that, it was carbonated water bottles, which we replaced almost 2 years ago with a Soda Stream that we love!! One step at a time, we analyze our trash can and our bin to reduce the content with realistic actions.

What type of waste takes up the most volume in your home? Did you find any solutions? ✌