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For deliveries before Christmas: last chance!

If you want to receive your Taille & Retailles products before Christmas, don't use letter mail, they will definitely arrive too late! ⌛

I strongly recommend that you place your order by Friday, December 17 and choose Puro delivery. You will then have a better chance of it arriving on time.

Little reminder : I ALWAYS offer delivery to 50% for orders of 50$, as well as free delivery for orders of 100$ and above. It's like a discount of 10% from 50$ of purchase! 🥳

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Poll: how many gifts do you have left to make before Christmas? 🎁

Don't be shy, tell us if you are: #teamfulldavance 😎 or #teamlastminute! 🤪

I admit to being in the first for many things, but for others, like gifts, I'm more like #lastminute. 😆 I still have several gifts to determine… Do you have any suggestions for me? Girls aged 13 and 15, nephews-nieces aged 3 to 6, sisters and sisters-in-law in their late thirties and their spouses…