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Already the month of August!

Once again, summer goes by too quickly, especially when you're having a lot of fun! 😊 It's August already and flyers for school effects 🖍✏️📔 are already overflowing from our mailboxes. 📬

(Unless, like me, you have canceled the distribution of the Publisac and put a sticker on your post office box to say no to advertising! 😂).

Still, the 2021-22 school year is fast approaching! 😳 How did you decide to live this back to school? 🤔 Are you going to choose to recycle material? Have you thought about lunches and snacks for your little ones? 🍎

You know that Taille & Retailles offers cute snack or sandwich bags? There's even a kit for the perfect green lunch! What if this year, we limited our consumption of "Ziploc" and plastic film to give our planet a little boost? 💚🌎

Find all the products for your back to school on the shop!

Ensemble Petit Écolier
Little Schoolboy Set