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Back to school green 🏫🌳

Le truc #1 pour un retour à l’école avec le moins d’impact écologique possible : privilégier le durable partout là où c’est possible. 🌎

Tsé les crayons à mine du magasin à une piasse, qui sont déjà cassés quand tu les achètes… 🙄 C’est pas très écolo, ni même écono… ❌

Même chose avec les vêtements, les sacs d’école, les sacs à lunch, les thermos et les crayons de couleur. Si tu choisis du bon, et du classique plutôt que « à la mode », ils pourront être réutilisés plus longtemps avant de se retrouver à la poubelle. 🤟

Avec tes choix de consommation, tu as le pouvoir de changer les choses, un petit geste à la fois. Penses-y! 😉

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Mets-tu tes priorités à la bonne place dans tes efforts pour réduire ton impact environnemental? 🌳

C’est fou comme il y a des différences entre ce que les gens en général perçoivent comme important, et ce que les experts considèrent vraiment important. ‼️

Alors si tu as peu de temps et d’énergie à consacrer à des gestes pour aider l’environnement, voici où mettre tes priorités, selon cet intéressant article de Protégez-Vous :

  1. Dans l’alimentation : réduire la consommation de produit d’origine animale, surtout la viande rouge. 🥩
  2. Dans les transports : Marcher, utiliser le vélo ou emprunter les transports en commun lors des déplacements quotidiens. 🚲 🚌
  3.  Encore en alimentation : Éviter le gaspillage alimentaire. 🚌
  4. Dans ta consommation : Réduire l’achat de produits et éviter la surconsommation. 🤑
  5. Dans ton espace de vie : Avoir une habitation bien isolée. 🏡

J’avoue que je travaille fort à diminuer notre consommation de viande, mais que je manque rapidement d’idées en matière de recettes végétariennes. Depuis longtemps, quand je pense à un menu, c’est d’abord la protéine qui me vient en tête, et que c’est souvent de la viande. 🙊

Je remplace aussi souvent que possible la moitié de la viande hachée d’une recette par des lentilles, et on alterne entre les burgers « normaux » et végés, ou on mange des pâtes et de la salade plus souvent, mais ça me semble un peu répétitif. Ce n’est tellement pas dans nos moeurs de Nord-Américains… 🙈

As-tu des idées de recettes, ou des sites de recettes végés à me proposer? Comment arrives-tu à diminuer ton impact écologique dans ton assiette?

Pour lire tout l’article, c’est ici –>

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Do you know how to eliminate “ziploc” type plastic bags in your daily life?

You'll see, it's super easy! 😃

Basically, you can use washable food bags for the vast majority of foods: lunches, snacks, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, prepared meals, etc. Both at room temperature, in the fridge or freezer. Waterproof and machine washable, they are really practical.

I make them in all possible formats, and even custom-made if needed! 😁 Visit the shop ->

For raw meat and fish, you can replace disposable bags with silicone bags. Several companies do. A little research on the web or in a zero waste store will give you all the details. They are normally dishwasher safe.

So! No more disposable bags! Easy, right? 👍

PS If you have other uses not listed, let me know, I'll find a solution for you, I promise!

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Have you started your berry supplies? 🫐

Did you know that you can freeze your seasonal fruits and vegetables in reusable bags, rather than disposable plastic? 💚

Ecological, washable and very effective, the PUL fabric that I use for food bags does not fear frost, and does not stain. So pick all you want, and save them for the cold season without worry. 🍓 So you can eat local all winter long! ⚜️

So? What will you be freezing in your Taille & Retailles bags this year?

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Green camping challenge 🏕️

Do you want to make a special effort to reduce your waste during the holidays? If so, I offer you a zero waste challenge: stock up and bring as much bulk food as possible for your vacation. 🫙

From nuts to dish soap, pasta and vegetables, less packaging is better. And you don't have to buy a ton of containers for that. Use what you have on hand: from the relish pot to the yogurt pots, including the bag of milk. Take inspiration from our ancestors who reused everything. 👵👴

Are you game? Take up the challenge and share your successes, or even the lesser ones, with us to inspire others. 🥰

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1️⃣ Only one bowl cover size to choose to try? Take the medium.

This is the most versatile size, in my opinion. So if you hesitate before equipping yourself for good, sometimes you wouldn't like… Choose the way.

But honestly, I have yet to meet anyone who has told me they tried but went back to plastic. 🙃 Bowl covers are really more user-friendly to use than other products, such as beeswax wraps. So give yourself the chance to try, you won't regret. 👍

👉 What can you cover with a medium bowl cover? Round or square containers 20 to 25 cm in diameter (8 to 10″). Take a tour of your kitchen, you will see that there are MANY that fall into this category!


  • 🍽️ A medium plate with leftovers
  • 🥣 A medium mixing bowl (cul-de-poule) and even some large ones
  • 🥗 A poke bowl ready to serve
  • 🥞 The rest of the pancakes
  • 🥗 A salad base in a bowl
  • 🍱 The rest of the shepherd’s pie from the day before in your 8″ square Corning Ware
  • 🍕 An individual pizza prepared in advance and frozen on its plate

And many more things! What do you use your medium bowl cover? Is it for you also the one you use the most?

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Green camping: washable food bags are your allies. 🤝

We know that when camping, whether it's bike-camping or RVing, space is limited! So use washable food bags made of waterproof fabric.

Flexible and compact, it is easy to store them in any small corner of your luggage. 🧳

Since they wash up in dishwater and air dry quickly, they'll quickly be ready for their next mission. 🧼

Whether it's for raw vegetables, crisps or even wet swimsuits, they will be your allies for successful camping! ⛺

See the different formats available in the store.

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End of class gifts for Madame Nathalie 👩🏻 🏫 and Madame Mélanie 👩🏾 🏫

To spoil those who take care of your children every day, consider offering a practical and original gift: one of the Taille & Retailles eco-friendly gift sets. 🎁

For Madame Nathalie, who is a real mother hen for her little chicks, the "Covered with Love" set will be ideal. With these 4 bowl covers of various sizes, she will now be able to protect her small dishes as well as her students! 🐔🐤🐤

For Madame Mélanie, who is always well dressed and carefully made up 💄, think about giving her something to take care of her, for once! The “Take care of yourself” set has been designed for her: a soap dish bundle (add a beautiful soap from your favorite soap factory) 🧼, and a set of 10 make-up remover wipes. Enough to continue to shine, day after day! 🌟

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June 5, 2022: World Environment Day 🌎

Sustainable consumption and production, combined with circular approaches, can boost economic development, mitigate climate change, have positive impacts on health and pollution

Today, share your actions for the Earth with #OnlyOneEarth or #UneSeuleTerre and encourage at least one person to do the same! Launch a beautiful mobilization chain with me!

My commitment for today and every day: make as many people as possible aware of simple actions that can make a difference for our beautiful planet, such as reducing single-use plastics.

You too can make a difference! Need ideas? Consult the practical guide #UneSeuleTerre:

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Are you a fan of swimming in the summer? 🏊‍♀️

I do! I tolerate heat very badly. 🥵 It gives me a migraine. 🤕 So the air conditioning and the swimming pool are really important to me. Although I know it's not too green. 🤷‍♀️ You have to choose your battles in life.

On the other hand, we do not purposely consume more than necessary when using the pool. 🔌 Do you know the tricks to reduce electricity, water and chemical consumption for your swimming pool? This article gives you several:

If you have a large lot, and you are thinking of installing one, or replacing the existing one, think of the natural swimming pool. It's like having a little lake at home! 🏞️

Good summer refreshment! 🍹