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🧼 Le Baluchon foams so well!

One of the reasons why the Baluchon soap dish is extraordinary is its ability to lather soap or solid shampoo.

With its two thicknesses, all you have to do is wet it then rub it in for a few seconds to create a nice lather. It's really awesome! You can then either use your hands to distribute the foam in your hair or your body, or even rub the Baluchon directly on your body.

Before, I had trouble lathering my solid shampoo in my hands. I would spend several minutes wetting and rubbing it in before I got enough lather for my hair, even running it straight through my hair. Now that it stays in its Baluchon, I get lots of beautiful mousse to put in my hair in seconds! ⌚

And since my shampoo bar lasts me about 2 months, washing every 2-3 days, it's really economical 🤑, in addition to being ecological 🌎. Because solid soap uses a lot less water in its production, and it's lighter for transport than the bottle or bottles of liquid shampoo it replaces. Win-win!

To try it, it's here –>