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🎂 Une fête d’enfants bientôt?

Penses écolo pour les petites surprises des amis. 🌳 En été, les manchons couvre Mr Freeze sont parfaits pour ça! 🎉

  • Petits
  • Colorés
  • Abordables
  • Faits de retailles
  • Favoris des enfants

Un succès garanti! 👌 Prix spécial disponible pour les grandes quantités : contacte-moi pour en discuter.

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Really insulating! 🧤

You know me, I always test my products before putting them on the market. 🧪 I don't want my products to end up in the trash 🗑️ or give me a bad name. 🗯️

In the first version of my insulating sleeves for Mr Freeze, I only put one layer of fabric on each side. But we quickly realized, my daughters and I, that it was not enough. 👎 So the final version I put on the market is made up of 2 layers of fabric on each side. 👍 There, let's talk!

Then I can guarantee you that you won't hear any more complaints of frozen fingers! Promised! 😇

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Enjoying summer treats in an eco-friendly way is possible! 🌞

If you've been following me for a while, you know I never liked throwing away good stuff. So when I cut my fabric for my bowl covers and bags, there are always small and medium pieces left, despite my efforts to waste as little as possible.

But I don't throw them away! ❌ At least not when there is a possibility to use them eventually. I have several boxes of them aside in my workshop. But at some point, you have to find a use for them! 😄

This is how the covers Mr Freeze. I thought of all the times my daughters, then preschoolers, wanted to eat those famous popsicle sticks, but demanded paper towels to insulate their little hands from the cold. 🙃 What a waste, though, right? 🚮

So I decided to create these little insulating sleeves that slip over the frozen stick with my little accumulated scraps. It's super practical, and eco-friendly too! I even had a gray-haired customer who bought me one for himself. 🧓🏻 Like what, there's no age to want to taste summer without frostbite! 🧤

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Summer fun for Madame Stéphanie 👩🏿 🏫 and Madame Émilie 👩🏼 🏫

We know that Madame Stéphanie has her heart on her hand 💝, and shares everything with her little friends from daycare. So make him happy by thinking of his big family: offer him the "Summer Pleasures" set, consisting of 4 covers Mr Freeze. She will now be able to enjoy frozen treats with her little ones, without hearing complaints about frozen hands 🥶, and without wasting paper towels. The sleeves are well insulated, and made of scraps, so even more eco-friendly! 💚

Have you heard of Madame Émilie's famous Vindredi 🍷 parties 🥳? So give him a favor, and give him something to celebrate, without sharing germs with his friends! 🦠 The “Vindredi Retailles” set consists of 6 assorted wine coaster slippers, and a decorative and utilitarian "wine cup" charm. Made from cutting scraps, these items will make her dream of Friday every day of the year, while protecting the planet! 🌎

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My favorite for the summer 😍

Do you like to eat popsicles all summer long? 🍦 Me too! This is why I chose the covers Mr Freeze as a favorite to present yourself for the Etsy VS spring market.

Here is my top 5 good reasons to love them:

5. They have 2 layers of fabric on each side, so they are really insulating 🧤 #finislesdoigtsgeles

4. They make a great guest favor for summer friends parties 🎉, zero waste to boot! #no packaging

3. They are colorful, so children love them, and adults too 💚 #coeurdenfant

2. They make a great home educator gift. 👩‍👧‍👦 Imagine the party when the 6 children enjoy their frozen treat #viveletealagarderie

1. They are made of scraps, so avoid throwing away pieces of fabric #pasdegaspillage 🚫🗑️

Come pick yours at the Etsy VS Spring Market next weekend!