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How is your garden doing? 🧑‍🌾

Me, I've already started picking radishes, BIG curly lettuces 🥬 and I made pesto with our basil plants! Yum! 😋

I can't wait to make jams and freeze lots of beautiful products for winter. It will reduce my purchases of imported products, and therefore my ecological footprint. 💚

And you?

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Ready for summer? 😎

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it! 🥳 Summer is definitely my favorite season! The sun 🌞, the short clothes 🩳, the swimming pool 🏊, the fruits 🍓 and vegetables 🥕 fresh from the garden or the local farm… Not to mention the holidays! 🧳

In short, if you want to be ready for summer, it's time to clean up the grounds. 🧹

On my side, we still have lots of projects for this summer: change the soil in the garden, use the "old" soil to level the lawn, enlarge the garden, protect it against rabbits 🐇, and of course, maintain the platforms. bands. A big project! 😃

And you? What will your summer look like? 🏖️

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Point of sale: Jardins d'Isabelle closed for an indefinite period

I am sad to announce the closure, temporary we hope, of one of my points of sale: Aux Petits Jardins D'isabelle. Her husband being ill, Isabelle made the difficult decision this spring to close and sell her business.

Although residents of Châteauguay, this family and its business have been well established in Vaudreuil-Dorion for many years. When I moved here in 2004, his business was just a kiosk. Since then, they had continued to grow, with the construction of a mall bringing together several businesses.

I join the residents of the region in wishing Patrice a speedy recovery, and offer my deepest thoughts to Isabelle and her family at this difficult time.❤️

I hope that the sale process will be done quickly for a rapid reopening of trade with a new administration.