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But why square?!? 🟦

I often get asked this question: “Most companies make their makeup remover wipes round, why are yours square?! 🤔 Here's why.

First, during my tests and trials, I tried to make them round with an overlock finish. 🔵 But I didn't like the look or feel of the stitching at all in sensitive areas like the eye area. 🚫 So I definitely wanted to make hidden seams, to preserve the softness of the microfiber in the contours. 🐑 On the other hand, sewing turned rounds... really not easy. 😖

But above all, I discovered that the square corners are wonderful for cleaning the small corners of the eyes without touching around! 👀 No need to bend the wipe to get there, plus you have 4 corners on each, so if one corner gets too dirty, you move on to the next one. 🤩 Awesome, right?

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask me! ☺️

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Thank you for your opinions! 🤗

It is always a pleasure to read your opinions on my products. Your satisfaction is my priority, and my best advertisement. 💚

Today, I present to you the commentary of Chayma, who adopted the makeup remover wipes and would never go back. Thank you for your gesture for the planet, 🌎 and for taking the time to rate my product. 💚

Note 5 out of 5
Effective and above all eco-friendly soft wipes. No more disposable wipes for me. The bag is very practical. No risk of losing small wipes in your wash load. Fast and courteous service ❤❤❤❤❤

Chaima 2022-02-10

PS Did you know that you don't need to have purchased online to leave a product review? All you have to do is find the product you bought on the store, and go down to the tab Reviews at the bottom. The comments do not appear immediately, because I put a filter to avoid spam, but only the comments which are not are eliminated.

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❓ Did you know?

The terry side of my make-up remover wipes is made of scraps. Pieces too small for the company that provides them to me,Coco Caribou, which makes great hair towels, by the way. In Quebec, most textile companies send their scraps to the trash 🚮, because textile recycling is almost non-existent. 😢

Coco Caribou uses the largest scraps to make large make-up remover wipes and squares, as well as hair bands. She also sends several scraps to ChipieCharlie for her bath mitts. And she also provides me with a good amount of small pieces for my wipes! 🤝

Share this info in your entourage to all those who need to remove their makeup and who have the environment at heart! 🤝 Choosing Taille & Retailles wipes means promoting the circular economy. 🔄

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What could be better when it's cold outside 🥶 than taking time for yourself 🛀, while protecting the planet 💚?

Why throw away cotton pads with every facial treatment, when you can have this softness in a reusable version!? 🌐

The blue microfiber side of my makeup remover pads is so soft! 🥰 It's perfect for your delicate eye area! 👀 Use with your favorite makeup remover to feel like new after a long day at work. 🥰

And it's a perfect useful and eco-friendly gift for Valentine's Day. Spread the word! 😉

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❤️ For Valentine's Day, I want to...

It's time to formulate your requests for Valentine's Day gifts 🎁 so that your darling can get them to you in time! 💝 In addition, by making a clear request, no bad surprise! 🙃

Complete the following sentence, and tag the person who will give it to you! 😘 –> “For Valentine’s Day, I want…”

PS Make-up remover wipes are still all the rage among women who wear makeup. 🤫

PPS You can also consult the section Gift ideas of my site to give you ideas.

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Last chance to participate in the Contest Wave! 🌊

You have a few hours left to enter the contest for a chance to win a beautiful loaf-sized bread bag and 5 make-up remover wipes. 🤩

The draw takes place tonight at 8 p.m.! 😊 Don't miss your chance!! Click on the post link to participate!