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What is the Taille & Retailles product that you would not do without?

Tell me, among my range of products, which one do you use the most? You know, the one that changed your life 🔄, the one you keep just for yourself 🤗, or that you gave to everyone around you, you love it so much 🤗.

Is it:
👍 Snack bags for your lunches?
❤️ Bowl covers and/or cheese covers?
😮 Bags for storage (bread or freezing)?
😆 Beauty care products: make-up remover wipes, Baluchon?
🤔 Or another one of my products?

Tell me in the comments why this is your favorite!

Me, this is definitely my average bowl covers. I use them all over the place: on the plate of leftover pancakes, on my homemade pies and pies to freeze them, on my daughter's dinner plate who comes back late from an activity, etc. 🥰