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✨ New! Large size placemats available to order

I have often been asked if I make placemats larger than my current format, which was designed for children at school 🏫, so rather compact, i.e. 9″ x 12″. School cafeteria tables are usually quite small, so a placemat that is too large would be cumbersome. But for adults, it's something else.

There doesn't seem to be enough demand for me to make it ready-to-go at the moment, but I decided to offer it on order, just to test your interest.🧪

Like its little brother, it will have a utensil pouch and a rubber band to roll it up in the lunch bag. Its dimensions will be 10″ x 15″ (25.5cm X 38cm).

Since it will only be available on order, don't wait too long to announce a fabric of your taste, so that I haven't transformed it into something else!

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And the winning name is… 👏

With an overwhelming majority of 75% of votes 😱, the Taille & Retailles soap dish bag will be named:

The Bundle!

Congratulation to Martine Lafleur, who won her Baluchon thanks to the name she suggested, and her fan club, who voted for her idea! 🗳️ I will contact you by email to send you your product in the fabric of your choice.

The product is now online, and you can get it by following the link below:

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Now is the time to vote! 🗳️

"Help me find the name of the new product!" »

Here we are at the 2nd stage of the competition: the vote among the proposed names. ✅

🧼 I had 8 proposals, for 5 name ideas here: Le Baluchon, le Hop-Mousse!, le Portibarre, le Sakasavon, la Savonnette and le Savonneur. I admit that I love the Sakasavon, but 3 people suggested the Savonnette. The race is going to be hot! 🥵

☑️ From April 23 to 28, vote for the name you prefer, and help the person (or people) who suggested it to win their product.

If you came up with an idea, now is the time to share with your family and friends to get as many votes as possible! ↩️

The votes will be closed on April 29, to make way for the launch and unveiling of the winner on April 30! ✨

May the best win! 🥇