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My latest recycled creations ♻️

I take advantage of the low season ⛄ to do lots of things, including small personal projects.

My latest creations, made of fabrics recovered for the second time : quilt grocery bags (“patchwork”) 🛍️.

I had made handkerchiefs 🤧 of woven fabric a while ago, from old clothes and sheets, but in the end, we prefer those in jersey (t-shirt fabric) which are much softer and more flexible. 🤷 So I was looking for another use for these fabric squares, which I had put aside. So I decided to rework them into grocery bags! 🛍️

I've made two so far, but I have pieces left to make a 3rd one later. I'm very happy with the result, and above all, to have found a use for this fabric, because I always try to avoid throwing away good material. 💚

If you're wondering if I intend to make it to sell: probably not. 🙅 It takes 3-4 hours per bag to do it, so the price would be prohibitive for sale. Unless you tell me you would pay 80-100$ for a bag of groceries… 🙃

However, I could make a DIY pattern for 10-12$. Are you interested? Contact me! If I have at least 3 people interested, I'll take the time to clean it up with instructions!