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The power of “we” 💪

Today, I'm talking to you in a little more personal way. I see a lot of disengagement and unconstructive criticism happening on my Facebook feed, and it bothers me 😒. I see it happening on a very wide variety of topics. Comments such as "the government/such and such an elected official is rotten and does nothing useful", "this thing should not exist, be done", "big business is responsible for this or that", "nothing can be done do it ”… A lot of negativity ⛔️ and criticism, without any solution, or concrete action. As if just complaining would change anything… 🙄

I have the impression that people forget that "the government" is not a stranger, it's all of us, as long as we each do our part by participating and going to vote ✅, at least. That if certain policies do not please the majority, elected officials will not stay in power for long. ⏰ So they have an interest in representing us. The decisions made may not always be what we and our little navel would like, but at least what the majority of the population asks for. We are lucky to live in a democratic country where freedom of expression is a recognized right. 🙏 But many misuse this privilege, for strictly personal purposes, and not for the common good.

I can't wait for us to teach our children 🏫 (and many adults, as much as we can!) that they not only have rights, but also responsibilities with regard to their present and their future, that they don't should not simply rely on others or a “parent-government” to be happy, healthy, achieve their personal and financial goals. That we all have the power to change things. 💪 Depending on our level of involvement, it can be as simple as taking action in your daily life, or go as far as actively advocating for change, with a whole range of involvement between these 2 extremes. All of these ways are valid. The only wrong answer is to wait for “someone” to fix the problems. 🙄

This also applies to climate change and pollution. Is it really necessary to wait for "the government" to put strict rules 🚷🚯🚳🚱🔞📵🚭 on everything, ban this or that product or type of packaging ⁉️ Or can we make ourselves- changes themselves, and demand changes from big business, using our power as consumers? 💲 One person doesn't necessarily have a big impact, but several, yes. We can change things. One gesture at a time. One person at a time. Until there are enough of us to make an impact. 🌎

So let's stop criticizing each other, blaming each other 👈👉👆👇, and start acting for the common good rather than against each other. 1️⃣ gesture at a time. All together!