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⏳ Plus que 23 jours avant le retour à l’école! 🏫

N’oublie pas de vérifier les articles que tu as triés à la fin de l’année scolaire et qui pourraient être réutilisés, avant de sortir faire tes achats de la rentrée. 🤑 Avec l’argent économisé, tu pourras mettre à jour ta collection de sacs pour des lunchs zéro déchet. 😍

En promo jusqu’au 31 août : 15% de rabais sur les napperons pour enfant, les sacs collation et les sacs sandwich. Certains produits sont même à 25% de rabais, car faits de tissus épuisés depuis un bout! 🤩

P.S. Les ensembles ne sont pas réduits, mais ils sont déjà une économie de 15 à 20% par rapport à l’achat de produits séparément. 😉

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🚸 La rentrée scolaire est à nos portes

Dans 4 semaines, les enfants retournent à l’école. 🏫 Es-tu nostalgique 😥 ou soulagée 😮‍💨? Peut-être un peu des 2?

En tout cas, il faut commencer à se préparer, si tu ne veux pas être dans le jus la semaine juste avant, et pour recevoir tes achats en ligne à temps. ⏳

📢 C’est pour ça que je commence mon spécial de la rentrée dès maintenant.

Pour tout le mois d’août, les sacs collation, les sacs à sandwich et les napperons pour enfant sont en rabais de 15%. Aucun minimum d’achat requis. 🤑

En plus, si tu fais une grosse commande, la livraison est toujours à moitié prix à partir de 50$, et gratuite à partir de 100$. 🚚

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Summer fun for Madame Stéphanie 👩🏿 🏫 and Madame Émilie 👩🏼 🏫

We know that Madame Stéphanie has her heart on her hand 💝, and shares everything with her little friends from daycare. So make him happy by thinking of his big family: offer him the "Summer Pleasures" set, consisting of 4 covers Mr Freeze. She will now be able to enjoy frozen treats with her little ones, without hearing complaints about frozen hands 🥶, and without wasting paper towels. The sleeves are well insulated, and made of scraps, so even more eco-friendly! 💚

Have you heard of Madame Émilie's famous Vindredi 🍷 parties 🥳? So give him a favor, and give him something to celebrate, without sharing germs with his friends! 🦠 The “Vindredi Retailles” set consists of 6 assorted wine coaster slippers, and a decorative and utilitarian "wine cup" charm. Made from cutting scraps, these items will make her dream of Friday every day of the year, while protecting the planet! 🌎

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End of class gifts for Madame Nathalie 👩🏻 🏫 and Madame Mélanie 👩🏾 🏫

To spoil those who take care of your children every day, consider offering a practical and original gift: one of the Taille & Retailles eco-friendly gift sets. 🎁

For Madame Nathalie, who is a real mother hen for her little chicks, the "Covered with Love" set will be ideal. With these 4 bowl covers of various sizes, she will now be able to protect her small dishes as well as her students! 🐔🐤🐤

For Madame Mélanie, who is always well dressed and carefully made up 💄, think about giving her something to take care of her, for once! The “Take care of yourself” set has been designed for her: a soap dish bundle (add a beautiful soap from your favorite soap factory) 🧼, and a set of 10 make-up remover wipes. Enough to continue to shine, day after day! 🌟

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Looking for the perfect gift for the end of the year?

Look no further: This is where you'll find the best green ideas to spoil a golden teacher or educator, no matter your budget.

Each set offers a 10% discount compared to buying each item separately, in addition to simplifying your shopping. You can even let me choose the fabrics for you!

Together Thank you for everything

Madame Annie is a lover of good food? This set is made for her!

The set contains a regular cheese cover and a small bowl cover, with a personalized message.


Together A thought for you

Madame Geneviève takes all her lunches at school? This gift will be ideal for her!

The set contains a mini bowl cover and a snack bag, with a personalized message.


Summer fun set

Madame Stéphanie has her daycare at home or a large family? So she will love sharing these summer pleasures with her little boys.

The set contains 4 Mr Freeze covers, with a personalized message.


Vindredi Retailles Set

Madame Émilie is always ready for a Friday night party with her colleagues? This is the set he needs!

The set contains an assortment of 6 wine coaster slippers and a Retailles decorative charm in the shape of a wine cup, with a personalized message.


Love cutlery set

Madame Nathalie covers her proteges with love and good food? She won't be able to resist this gift!

The set contains a set of 4 bowl covers: mini, small, medium and large (or lasagna), with a personalized message.


Together take care of yourself

Madame Mélanie always puts on her 36 for her students? She'll love pampering herself with this set!

The set contains a soap holder and a set of 10 make-up remover wipes.


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💮 It's spring, we're cleaning up! 🧹

I'm participating in the Spring Cleaning I Spend Local! 🧹

For the occasion, I put ALL items made from fabrics that are used up liquidation at 25%.

So more than 200 items are on sale until Sunday only!

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Spring Sale with I Spend Local 🌱

You probably know the I Spend Local day on November 3. But this year, we're adding a big Spring Cleaning sale! 🧹

We will be about sixty Quebec companies emptying our workshops for your greatest happiness! 😀

For my part, I will add ALL my sold out fabric items to my 25% discount for the event. 😱 Normally, only those left with less than 10 items are liquidated. There, even those that are no longer available will be part of the sale! 🤑

Add the date to your calendar: it will be April 8 to 10!

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You have until 8 p.m. today, March 20, 2022, to participate in the wave of contests, and until midnight to take advantage of the SOUSBOIS promo!

To enter the contest –>

To take advantage of the promo ->

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The promotion of the Contest Wave 🪵🌳🌲 Undergrowth 🪵🌳🌲 has begun!

Until Sunday, March 20, 2022, take advantage of a 15% discount on any order of 50$ and more.

Whether you're a former fan or a newcomer to this wave 🌊, it's a good time to start or continue your zero waste transition, with easy-to-adopt products! 💚

Use the promo code SOUSBOIS in the basket to take advantage of the discount.