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12 août : Journée « J’achète un livre québécois » 📘⚜️

⚜️ L’achat local, ça devrait être toute l’année, mais c’est bon de se le rappeler régulièrement.

Quel est ton dernier livre québécois acheté ou lu? As-tu l’intention d’en acheter un autre aujourd’hui? Es-tu plus livre papier ou numérique?

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Mets-tu tes priorités à la bonne place dans tes efforts pour réduire ton impact environnemental? 🌳

C’est fou comme il y a des différences entre ce que les gens en général perçoivent comme important, et ce que les experts considèrent vraiment important. ‼️

Alors si tu as peu de temps et d’énergie à consacrer à des gestes pour aider l’environnement, voici où mettre tes priorités, selon cet intéressant article de Protégez-Vous :

  1. Dans l’alimentation : réduire la consommation de produit d’origine animale, surtout la viande rouge. 🥩
  2. Dans les transports : Marcher, utiliser le vélo ou emprunter les transports en commun lors des déplacements quotidiens. 🚲 🚌
  3.  Encore en alimentation : Éviter le gaspillage alimentaire. 🚌
  4. Dans ta consommation : Réduire l’achat de produits et éviter la surconsommation. 🤑
  5. Dans ton espace de vie : Avoir une habitation bien isolée. 🏡

J’avoue que je travaille fort à diminuer notre consommation de viande, mais que je manque rapidement d’idées en matière de recettes végétariennes. Depuis longtemps, quand je pense à un menu, c’est d’abord la protéine qui me vient en tête, et que c’est souvent de la viande. 🙊

Je remplace aussi souvent que possible la moitié de la viande hachée d’une recette par des lentilles, et on alterne entre les burgers « normaux » et végés, ou on mange des pâtes et de la salade plus souvent, mais ça me semble un peu répétitif. Ce n’est tellement pas dans nos moeurs de Nord-Américains… 🙈

As-tu des idées de recettes, ou des sites de recettes végés à me proposer? Comment arrives-tu à diminuer ton impact écologique dans ton assiette?

Pour lire tout l’article, c’est ici –>

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🧑‍🌾 Farmers markets are back!

With the good weather, we are gradually seeing the reopening of farmers' markets across Quebec. 😃

Did you know that buying local is also making a conscious choice for the environment? 🌳

⚜️ Local products = less transport 🚚, therefore less greenhouse gas. Long live the products from here!

Tell me, what is your favorite farmer's market or local producer?

PS Don't forget to bring your net bags Taille & Retailles and your reusable grocery bags to do your shopping! 😉

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Do you participate in the circular economy? 🔄

The circular economy is more than a trendy concept! It really is the way of the future. Our ancestors understood it, we just have to reclaim it.

With my products and my company, I touch on several spheres of the circular economy:

  • 🗑️ Waste management: my products are reusable rather than disposable after use
  • 🗓️ Sustainable purchase: my products are designed to last several years
  • 🧩 Eco-design: I design all my products to reduce the use of materials
  • ⚜️ Responsible consumption: I favor local distributors for my purchases, and I use scraps when possible (e.g. terrycloth make-up remover wipes, slipper coasters, Mr. Freeze covers)
  • 🪡 Extension of the duration of employment: I offer repair and alteration services for clothing and other textile products

And you? What is your contribution?

To learn more about the subject, read this article from the AQZD:

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♻️ Do you know what to do with your used textiles?

Since the law prohibiting the use of used textiles for upholstery was repealed last fall, a few textile recycling projects are under development in Quebec. But it is not won yet, far from it. 😶

In the meantime, here is what you can do with your used textiles:

  • ⬇️ Reduce at source: Buy less, better quality, preferably local ⚜️
  • 🔄 reuse : Resell or give away fabrics in good condition that are no longer useful to you
  • ♻️ To recycle : Join a project in development to find new opportunities
  • 🤧 Valuing: Make rags, washable handkerchiefs, tawashis, reusable gift wrap, etc.
  • 🗑️ To throw : Unfortunately, the rest will end up in the landfill, like approximately 50% of textiles used in Quebec each year.

An interesting document to consult to continue your reflection, by Recyc-Québec (2018):

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🐋 May 11: World Endangered Species Day

Did you know that, just in Quebec, we have 20 endangered wildlife species, and 18 vulnerable species, and several others that may be added to the list soon? 😢

Here is 6 concrete actions to take to protect wildlife:

  • Report sightings of these species
  • Respect good hunting, fishing and trapping practices
  • Report illegal acts to SOS Poaching
  • Be alert to invasive species
  • Leave wild animals in the wild
  • Help an organization that works to protect wildlife and their habitats

🪄 If you could save an endangered species with a magic wand, which one would it be?

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🌱 Little eco-friendly will become big...

Did you know? Respect for nature, I fell into it when I was little, like Obélix in the magic potion. 😆

My father being a biologist by training, he worked all his life for the Ministry of Environment and Wildlife (and several variations of the name, for the same structure!). 💚 He has worked on the preservation of several species, by studying them, and by participating in the development of guides for the exploitation and protection of forest resources 🌲, hunting 🏹 and fishing 🎣.

From an early age, he taught my sister and me to respect nature, animals, plants and more. It is therefore in my nature to continue on this path. 🌳

I think I have succeeded in transmitting these values to my daughters, since my oldest is going to study environmental sciences when she goes to Cégep, in a little over a year. 💚

And you? How long have you been interested in ecology? Have you started teaching respect for nature to your children? Do you have any tips to share with us?

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More than 650 Quebec creators have united to organize a contest on their page at the same time.

I am happy to offer this wonderful prize: “A SET OF 5 BOWL COVERS IN VARIOUS SIZES, including delivery by letter post in Canada, a value of 49,25$”

To participate :
– View and comment on the Facebook post

*No participation will be counted on the blog*

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“Selling online is really easy! 🤷 – Mr. Everybody

🤬 When I hear this kind of statement, my ears are always curling. Because it's really not that easy! We put a LOT of time and energy into it, and also a lot of money, before even knowing if we are going to sell for the trouble. 😖

You may have heard about it from other crafters you follow: Etsy just announced a fee increase. 💵 The commission on each sale will increase from 5 to 6.5% from April 11th. These fees are added to the listing fees of 0.20USD (+- 0.27CAD) for each product sold, or to the 4 months if the listing has not been sold, and to the 15% of external advertising if the sale comes from an Etsy advertisement on Google or other… And that's not including credit card transaction fees (3% for Etsy, which is equivalent to the majority of sales platforms: Square, Paypal, Stripe and others) .

🙅 Don't get me wrong: I consider it normal to pay for a service. Etsy is amazing for giving exposure to a fledgling business, or even breaking into foreign markets like the US. 🇺🇸 They offer a platform that requires no maintenance other than our own product sheets and shop, which is convenient for a majority of sellers. 👍

👉 On the other hand, it is important that the customer (you!) know that each time he buys a product on Etsy, from 10 to 25% of the amount paid before taxes does not return to the seller. This portion does not pay for its materials, creation time, business fees, or management time…

It is for this reason that several companies, like Taille & Retailles last year, decide to have their own website, when the fixed costs of a dedicated site become less expensive than the costs for each sale charged by the platforms. like Etsy. Since last year, I've only kept Etsy for the traffic and sales it brings me, and referred people who know me through my social media and in-person efforts to my own website. Because Etsy selling fees were starting to choke me… 😵‍💫

How can you help your favorite businesses survive with all those online selling fees?

  • Use their dedicated website to shop, when they have one.
  • Buy in person at the market.
  • Pay cash or debit card, rather than credit card.
  • Buy at one of the local outlets that distribute them. there are costs associated with this type of sale too, but less management for each sale, and the part that comes back to the point of sale stays here, rather than going abroad.
  • Talk about your favorite local businesses around you and direct your loved ones to their dedicated website when possible.
  • Like, comment and share their publications on social networks to boost their visibility, because there too, it's not easy.
  • Subscribe to their newsletter so they can reach you more easily than on social networks.
  • Leave a review on their Facebook page, website, Google or Etsy listing to indicate how happy you are with your purchase!
  • Answer Mr. Mrs. Everyone who speaks without knowing: consumer education is super important!

🤗 Thank you for your support for local businesses! ⚜️