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Taille & Retailles net bags: 2 practical formats 🛍️

Whether it's for groceries or for washing small pieces, mesh bags are super practical and reduce your ecological footprint! 💚

Like washing bag, the small size is perfect: make-up remover wipes, baby stockings, washcloths… No more pieces lost in the recesses of the washer or dryer! 🙈

For family shopping, at the local grocery store or greengrocer, you can count on your regular size bags. Light, compact and resistant, no more small plastic bags! ♻️

PS If you want to keep the humidity, the large waterproof bag 11×11″ is ideal for storing everything in the fridge! 🥬

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What would you like to know how to do yourself? 🤔

I have already published tutorials for making your own washable tissues, but it seems to me that there is more to zero waste than that. ♻️ But I don't know where to start...

Tell me what you would like to learn to do yourself to reduce your waste. How to repair a tear in a garment? 🪡 Make storage for your bags and bowl covers? Something else❓

Obviously, that would have to stay within my area of expertise. I couldn't show you how to make homemade soap, for example! ❓

I look forward to your suggestions! 🤗 Looking forward to helping you reduce your waste!