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Green resolutions for this year?

Have you made any green resolutions for this year? 💚

For my part, I would like to try a bidet, to virtually eliminate toilet paper. 🧻 We already have washables for the #1s, but my boyfriend isn't a fan, and we're 3 menstruating girls at home, so in those times too, we don't use washables... I tell myself that 'with a bidet, we might be more inclined to do it? Have you been there? Tell me about it to help me decide!

I would also like to increase the quantity of products that we buy in bulk. We are already doing some of it, but I admit that the pandemic had cooled my enthusiasm for a while. I am gradually returning to my new habits. It takes a little more preparation, since you have to plan containers, but it does quite well.

And you? Do you have any suggestions or resolutions for 2022 on that side? What is the green gesture that has changed your life the most positively? ✨