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❓ Did you know?

The terry side of my make-up remover wipes is made of scraps. Pieces too small for the company that provides them to me,Coco Caribou, which makes great hair towels, by the way. In Quebec, most textile companies send their scraps to the trash 🚮, because textile recycling is almost non-existent. 😢

Coco Caribou uses the largest scraps to make large make-up remover wipes and squares, as well as hair bands. She also sends several scraps to ChipieCharlie for her bath mitts. And she also provides me with a good amount of small pieces for my wipes! 🤝

Share this info in your entourage to all those who need to remove their makeup and who have the environment at heart! 🤝 Choosing Taille & Retailles wipes means promoting the circular economy. 🔄

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Poll: wine glass identifiers 🍷 made from scraps

You know it, otherwise you will learn it: I always try to use my fabric scraps, because it hurts my heart 💔 to throw away beautiful pieces, even small ones.

Here is my latest idea: wine glass identifications 🍷 for holiday parties. That way, Matante Germaine won't drink from Mononc' Gaston's glass anymore! 🤪 They would be offered in packs of several different patterns, so that everyone has their own.

1️⃣ First question: do you like the idea? 🤔

2️⃣ Second question: in packs of how many do you think it would be ideal to sell them? 4? 6? 8? More?

Share your answers in the comments!! 👇