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Are your net bags strong? 🤔 YES MADAME! 💪

The other day, I went to the local pet store to look for boxes of cat food. 😺 Because Sashimi is a big spoiled cat, he receives dry kibble AND wet food every day. Apparently it's better to avoid urinary problems in operated male cats... 🐈 So when I buy some, I don't just take one or two, just to maximize my travels. 🚗

Still, I realize, once at the checkout, that I forgot to take a bag in the car. 🛍️ Damn! 🤦 I normally always have compact bags in my satchel, but this time I only had one mesh bag left. Well, never mind, that's what I use to put my cat canes. 27 boxes. 🦣

My bag has not weakened. It stretched, but returned to its normal shape once the contents were emptied. The seams haven't come loose either. 🪡

Too strong, my mesh bag! 💪 So if you were afraid your little vegetables would break the bag, don't worry anymore. Loosen up and fill it up nicely. ✔️×14/