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Add your grain of salt 🧂

I realize that all customer reviews about my large storage and freezer bags come from my Etsy shop. Several are in English. 🇺🇸

Do you have your say? Does it work well for you? What do you put in it? Did you find an original way to use it? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? I take all comments!

Add your comment on the product page of my site:×11/#tab-reviews

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Did you know ❓

The double and turned seams of my food bags increase the waterproofness. ☔ Well, it's not for scuba diving, anyway! 😆 But when it comes time to freeze or store fruits, vegetables and breads, it's still important. 👍

I am also working on modifying the installation of my zips to reduce air infiltration through the ends. I'll let you know!

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❔ Did you know?

The fabric used for Taille & Retailles food bags are not affected by the cold. 🥶 They can therefore be used in the freezer without worry. ❄️

The large 11×11 inch format is called freezer simply because it is a similar size (and even a little larger) than the well-known resealable bags. ©️ But all products made by PUL can be used in the freezer, from the smallest to the largest.

🚫 It is strongly discouraged to use them for raw meat and fish, as well as for any food that could potentially cause cross-contamination, despite diligent washing. 🚫

Here are the foods that I tested in my bags and that freeze well: berries, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries; vegetables such as cut leeks, carrots and celery; homemade pâtés and pies; breads and pastries; and prepared meals such as shepherd's pie or lasagna. The sealing of the bags is a little less than plastic bags, but still sufficient for the majority of uses.

NB It is always best to freeze food in a freezer without a defrost cycle for maximum shelf life. 
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😨 Are you afraid of losing your snack bag? 😱

Not with the Taille & Retailles key: a name tag on each food bag! 😮‍💨

Just write your name (or that of the person who always misplaces everything…) on the label with a permanent marker. 🖋️ It will therefore be easy to return it to its owner if it is found in an inappropriate place. 🤔

Do you find this addition useful?
😮 Wow! Really well thought out!
❤️ I like the idea
👍 It's good, but nothing more
👎 I don't find it useful at all

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Fan of small snacks? 🍪

Did you know that I have a mini format, with dimensions 4 x 4 inches, which is ideal for this?

  • raw vegetables 🥕
  • Crackers 🍘
  • Cookies 🍪
  • Fresh or dried grapes 🍇
  • Nuts 🥜
  • Dry cereals 🥣

And you? What would you put in this bag size?

PS It's on clearance at 8.25$ while supplies last. That's 25% off its suggested retail price! 🤑

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Did you know that… ?

…all fabric food bags can be used for freezing?!❄️

Eh yes! I have a bag format that I call "freezer", but that's just because it's the equivalent of the famous Ziploc freezer. As the PUL fabric does not fear the cold, it can be put in the freezer without fear.

Whether it's bread, a prepared meal, berries, or croissants, you can use your Taille & Retailles bags and bowl covers to freeze it. Avoid only raw meat and fish, which may contaminate the bag despite washing. But for everything else, bags and bowl covers replace plastic!

Good to know, right?

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Promo 1-2-3 for the 3 years of Taille & Retailles: Day 3! 🎉

Last day of the series of special promotions for 3 years of Taille & Retailles! 🥳 It's doubly the party, since it's also the Day I Spend Local!

Today, take advantage of 20% off your favorite items: bowl covers, cheese covers, bread bags and large 11 x 11″ food bag.

WOW!! 🤩

And in addition, benefit from free delivery from 100$ of purchase and at 50% from 50$ of purchase.

Head to the store right away to take advantage of it:

No promo code needed, discounts are automatically applied at checkout!

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11 x 11 bags, multi-use!

Finally! It's the season for good fruits and vegetables freshly picked from our local farms! 🍓🍑🥒🍅 You come back from the market and you have your bag full of these good vegetables. How are you going to keep them in your fridge afterwards?

I designed an 11 x 11 waterproof bag that keeps your favorite lettuces, or vegetables and fruits, for longer. But also it can be used for your beautiful fruit pies 🥧 frozen or simply in the fridge.

It is available in several fabrics, all you have to do is choose!

  • Sac 11x11 avec pâté
  • Sac congélation 11x11 - pâté dans le sac
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𝙉𝙤𝙪𝙫𝙚𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙚́𝙨 𝘾𝙊𝙊𝙋 𝘽𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙞-𝙐𝙌𝘼𝙈

Little new ones at the Coop Berri-UQAM 😍

COOP Berri-UQAM recently received new bags and cheese covers. 💛

The manager, Émilie-Maude, asked me for summer patterns, so they received a nice assortment of fruity 🍒🍏🍉 and floral 🌼🌺 patterns!

Who will come by to see and adopt them?