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Did you know? PUL fabric does not stain easily!

So you can freeze your favorite berries in a large freezer bag, then wash the bag without worrying that it will remain stained! 🤩

I did the test a while ago with raspberries, and the bag came out of the washing machine looking like new, with no special treatment. More pictures in this section of the FAQ

What little fruit will you freeze in your bags this summer to have all year round? ❄️

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❔ Did you know?

The fabric used for Taille & Retailles food bags are not affected by the cold. 🥶 They can therefore be used in the freezer without worry. ❄️

The large 11×11 inch format is called freezer simply because it is a similar size (and even a little larger) than the well-known resealable bags. ©️ But all products made by PUL can be used in the freezer, from the smallest to the largest.

🚫 It is strongly discouraged to use them for raw meat and fish, as well as for any food that could potentially cause cross-contamination, despite diligent washing. 🚫

Here are the foods that I tested in my bags and that freeze well: berries, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries; vegetables such as cut leeks, carrots and celery; homemade pâtés and pies; breads and pastries; and prepared meals such as shepherd's pie or lasagna. The sealing of the bags is a little less than plastic bags, but still sufficient for the majority of uses.

NB It is always best to freeze food in a freezer without a defrost cycle for maximum shelf life.