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Did you know? PUL fabric does not stain easily!

So you can freeze your favorite berries in a large freezer bag, then wash the bag without worrying that it will remain stained! 🤩

I did the test a while ago with raspberries, and the bag came out of the washing machine looking like new, with no special treatment. More pictures in this section of the FAQ

What little fruit will you freeze in your bags this summer to have all year round? ❄️

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Have you started your berry supplies? 🫐

Did you know that you can freeze your seasonal fruits and vegetables in reusable bags, rather than disposable plastic? 💚

Ecological, washable and very effective, the PUL fabric that I use for food bags does not fear frost, and does not stain. So pick all you want, and save them for the cold season without worry. 🍓 So you can eat local all winter long! ⚜️

So? What will you be freezing in your Taille & Retailles bags this year?

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11 x 11 bags, multi-use!

Finally! It's the season for good fruits and vegetables freshly picked from our local farms! 🍓🍑🥒🍅 You come back from the market and you have your bag full of these good vegetables. How are you going to keep them in your fridge afterwards?

I designed an 11 x 11 waterproof bag that keeps your favorite lettuces, or vegetables and fruits, for longer. But also it can be used for your beautiful fruit pies 🥧 frozen or simply in the fridge.

It is available in several fabrics, all you have to do is choose!

  • Sac 11x11 avec pâté
  • Sac congélation 11x11 - pâté dans le sac