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Did you know that… ?

…all fabric food bags can be used for freezing?!❄️

Eh yes! I have a bag format that I call "freezer", but that's just because it's the equivalent of the famous Ziploc freezer. As the PUL fabric does not fear the cold, it can be put in the freezer without fear.

Whether it's bread, a prepared meal, berries, or croissants, you can use your Taille & Retailles bags and bowl covers to freeze it. Avoid only raw meat and fish, which may contaminate the bag despite washing. But for everything else, bags and bowl covers replace plastic!

Good to know, right?

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Did you know?🤔

I've been using the same food bags and bowl covers since I started in 2018 😇 . They are still almost like new. I estimate that I can easily use the same ones for another 5 to 10 years, maybe more. 🤩

How many “ziploc” bags and “saran” plastic wrap will you have used during this time? I would say at least 2 rolls of film per year, and 5 to 10 boxes of bags… Do the count and think of all that plastic that wouldn't need to be produced or thrown away! 🗑

Adopt reusable products now!♻️ It's ecological and even economical, when you think about the long term!

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Today: world day without plastic bags! 💚

Do you bother to bring your reusable bags for ALL your purchases, not just the grocery store?

For my part, it's been so long since I adopted this practice, that I'm always surprised 😳 when I see people coming out of stores with several disposable bags...

It makes you wonder what they would do if the stores no longer offered them? 🤔

Do you also have your net bags for fruits and vegetables?

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