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🏕️ Camping: THE ideal soap dish

Are you a fan of tent camping? ⛺ If so, you should definitely use the common showers of the campsite, which are, let’s say it… rustic!

❓ What do we want the least when we take our shower in a cabin?

➡️ May our soap fall to the ground! Ouch! 🤢

With your Baluchon soap dish to hang, you will be sure to avoid this! 🤩 Slip it on your wrist, or hang it on the shower head, and keep your soap clean. Awesome, right? 😍

When you're done showering, you can hang it on a branch or your camp clothesline to let it dry. Put mosquito repellent lemongrass soap in it, and you'll be equipped for memorable camping! A well-invested 15$, I guarantee it! ✨