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Why Taille & Retailles? 🤔

Another question that I am often asked is about the origin of my name. 📛

In fact, when I officially launched my business, I had two main niches, and I couldn't leave one of them: original, unique and tailor-made creations 🪡 and creations with an ecological vocation ♻️. So I looked for a name that would represent this duality ☯️ well, in addition to having a beautiful sound and a link with sewing. 🧵

So in my mind, Size represents the uniqueness of custom creations, like a tailor. 👗 So this represents the few bespoke clothes and costumes I've made, and when I'm asked to make alterations and adjustments to clothes. 🪡 I admit that this side of my business has been quietly put aside, to further promote the second facet.

Retailles, who took the lead, represents the ecological side of my business. 🌿 Although the majority of my creations are not made from scraps, I find that the word represents the care not to waste material, to design the products well so as not to create unnecessary waste. 🗑️ And of course, when the opportunity arises, like for the Mr Freeze covers and the coaster slippers, the use of scraps to make new products. ♻️

So this is how, after a big brainstorm 🧠 and a focus group, I chose the name of my company in the fall of 2018. I am still as satisfied with my name after more than 3 years of existence, and I regularly receive compliments on it. So I'm very proud of it! 😀