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What is the Taille & Retailles product that you would not do without?

Tell me, among my range of products, which one do you use the most? You know, the one that changed your life 🔄, the one you keep just for yourself 🤗, or that you gave to everyone around you, you love it so much 🤗.

Is it:
👍 Snack bags for your lunches?
❤️ Bowl covers and/or cheese covers?
😮 Bags for storage (bread or freezing)?
😆 Beauty care products: make-up remover wipes, Baluchon?
🤔 Or another one of my products?

Tell me in the comments why this is your favorite!

Me, this is definitely my average bowl covers. I use them all over the place: on the plate of leftover pancakes, on my homemade pies and pies to freeze them, on my daughter's dinner plate who comes back late from an activity, etc. 🥰

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When I go on vacation...

Friday game 🎲: complete the sentence.

When I go on vacation, I put in my bag Taille & Retailles…

… crayons for the kids in the restaurant! 🖍️
(Okay, I cheated 😈: not anymore, my daughters are getting too old for that… 📱)

And you? What will you put in your reusable bags for the holidays? 🧳

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Add your grain of salt 🧂

I realize that all customer reviews about my large storage and freezer bags come from my Etsy shop. Several are in English. 🇺🇸

Do you have your say? Does it work well for you? What do you put in it? Did you find an original way to use it? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? I take all comments!

Add your comment on the product page of my site:×11/#tab-reviews

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What are your favorite contents? 🌟

I know that social networks greatly favor video content 🎥 over texts and images. But when you're not crazy to see and hear each other, creating videos takes a lot of energy and time... 😬 This is my case. You have surely noticed that there are almost none on my page. 🥺

Besides, I hardly ever watch it, because I don't have the video content in general. 🤢 I find them most often long for nothing, full of eeee…. and unnecessary repetitions. I much prefer reading text or looking at pictures, even though I often skim more than I read it. So it's hard for me to know where to go with that. 🙃

So tell me, you who follow me, did you prefer videos? And if so, please give me some ideas! 🙏 What could I put in short and relevant videos to help you in your ecological transition? 🤔

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Poll: how many children do you have? 👪

I would like us to know each other better, so I can offer you products and content that are more like you. 🪞

For my part, I have two daughters, 13 and 15 years old. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 This summer, my oldest will be able to start driving! 🚗 I can't believe it, time flies so fast, don't you think? 🚗

And you? Do you have children? In what age group? Choose the emoji that matches, or comment.
😮 I have no children
🥰 0-6 years old – Babies and preschool
😆 6-12 years old – Elementary school
❤️ 12-17 years old – Teens in high school
👍 18+ years old – Adult children

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What is your favorite color? 🎨

It's important when I choose new fabrics to have an idea of your favorite color palette 🖍️, to offer you choices to your liking!

So tell me, what is your favorite color for the kitchen, the one you put everywhere!? 👩‍🍳

Me, it's blue that I like above all, and of course, green. Did you notice the navy blue and the 2 shades of green in the Taille & Retailles logo? 😄

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Poll: how many gifts do you have left to make before Christmas? 🎁

Don't be shy, tell us if you are: #teamfulldavance 😎 or #teamlastminute! 🤪

I admit to being in the first for many things, but for others, like gifts, I'm more like #lastminute. 😆 I still have several gifts to determine… Do you have any suggestions for me? Girls aged 13 and 15, nephews-nieces aged 3 to 6, sisters and sisters-in-law in their late thirties and their spouses…